Currently feeling: Optimistic
Currently listening to: If I Was Your Woman (Walk On By) – Alicia Keys

At this moment, Melissa is not acting like her usual self.

She just downed two cans of Nescafe to help her stay awake.
Note: She never drinks Nescafe.

She is not panicking, when she has barely started on her slides for next Tuesday’s presentation and is only halfway through her two case reports which are due on the same day.
Note: She has always been the type who gets all frantic over the slightest things.

The most unusual thing is, she is having pretty positive thoughts about a few matters that have been bugging her all this while.
Note: She usually has negative thoughts planted in her head 99.9% of the time.

Okay, so she’s starting to feel drowsy right now. The two cans of Nescafe were obviously a waste of money. It’s giving her a head and tummy ache instead. Blergh.



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