THREE more days away. InshaAllah.

I have not been too well for the past two days.
I was down with on and off fever, a terrible sore throat and runny nose.
I went to bed shivering even when the fan was turned off last night.
But, I am slowly recovering now. Alhamdulillah.
I don’t wanna be a sick bride. 🙁

My emotions are still all over, I would breakdown and cry over nothing these days. :'(
I have listed what’s left to do when I get back but I get so, so worried about leaving anything out.

Mr Sunshine is on leave starting tomorrow, so he is on his way back to his hometown now.
His family and him will be traveling to KL this Friday evening, InshaAllah.
Semoga selamat semuanya, Ameen.

As for me, (and as mentioned in one of my previous posts), I will heading back home tomorrow evening, InshaAllah. I took the evening off tomorrow, but my boss was kind enough to let me leave work before lunch time so that I can do some last minute packing and checking on the things that I need to bring back.
Am gonna start packing tonight.

I am not sure whether I’d be able to update this little space after this, wish me luck and pray for me ya.
Bye !

Melissa R.

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