Currently feeling: Disheartened
Currently listening to: Little Black Sandals – Sia

It’s depressing when you have hips as huge as an elephant’s leg.
It’s more depressing when other people point it out like she did. (Fuck you, thank you.)
It’s depressing when your hopes of something/one suddenly gets blurry.
It’s depressing when you know you were once there, yet you’re the one who screwed it all up.
It’s depressing when you feel unpretty and insecure the whole time you’re out when you’re supposed to be having a good time with your friends.

It’s so bloody fucking depressing !

I’m not happy, thanks.
I just wanna feel comfortable in my own skin, please.
I don’t wanna hurt anymore, please.

But, right now, I just wanna cry.


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1 Comment on it’s depressing.

  1. When my coll friends (the guys) ask me- “eh, u got any hot female friends in gombak ah”…well…the 1st person that comes to my mind is- ~YOU~!!
    (just so u knw) 😉

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