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Interferon & Nutriferon

Our immune systems are under increasing attack, every day. The scientific and medical communities have identified interferon as critical to healthy immune function. 

Where Do Viruses, Germs And Microbes Come From?

We are constantly contacting with thousands types of microbes through breathing (air-conditioner, waste gas, smoke, viruses in the air, dust), shaking hands, contact with objects (furniture, dust mites in blanket, public transportation, sweat, water), food, physical exercise, work environment etc.

How Do Microbes Affect Us?

When lots of germs and viruses attack us at a time especially when our body lacks of interferon and immune cells, we will be easily exhausted, tired, stressed, sleeping disorder or infected by flu, cough, allergies, asthma, eczema, acne etc.  The unhealthy and oxidized cells form more free radicals which lead to degenerative disease, chronic disease, cancer etc.
The greatest discovery and invention in Immunology

What is Interferon ?

Interferon was first discovered by an immunologist named Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima of Tokyo University in 1954.

Interferon is a natural substance produced by every cell of the body.
It is activated when a cell is attacked by microbes, viruses, cancer cells, etc., and has two important functions:

  1. It signals neighbouring cells to prepare for action and triggers other resistance mechanisms. 
  2. It activates other “soldier” immune cells that kill foreign invaders.

Interferon helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.

After 40 years of research and reviewed thousands of compounds and more than 200 different kind of herbs, Dr. Kojima successfully developed the only natural interferon i.e. Nutriferon.  He had established that the extracts of 4 plants; namely pumpkin seeds, Safflower flowers, Japanese Honeysuckle and Plantago seeds; have the ability to prompt our body’s own production of natural interferon.  His unique yet natural formula is safe, pure and effective.  His discovery and invention had been recognized as the biggest breakthrough in immunology.

The formula for NutriFeron is proven by 4 published human clinical studies.
Only Shaklee has the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to this patented formula for human dietary supplement use. 

NutriFeron naturally activates the production of your body’s own interferon. With its patented combination of four plant extracts, it invigorates your natural immune system and increases your resistance safely and naturally. :)

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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