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Feli‘s back yo ! Firstly, congratulations on your graduation, love !

She had a barbecue dinner at her place on Boxing Day.
The food was yummeh ! I could have eaten the whole plate of barbecued chicken if I didn’t remind myself of the extra pounds I have gained.
It was sooo nice to meet her after almost a year, and it’s always good to get together with the rest of the Gombak people.

Miss Fifi and I.

L-R: Judith, Bryan, Cheryl, Marlene, Trevor, Felicia, Matthew.

The girls.

Bryan, James and I.

Trevor with the girls.

With Barath and Cheryl.

We played Charades, girls versus guys. It’s been ages since we last played.
The girls lost. Heee.
Hey, the guys came up with these oh-so-long movie names that we’ve never heard before okay. Plus, we were outnumbered.
But the guys were good.

Judith’s birthday fell on the third day of Christmas and all of us were at her place for a small celebration.
There was pizza, chicken (which I forgot to eat ! *chokes*), pasta and potato salad. All my favourites ! Don’t even get me started on the chocolate cake Judith’s sister made for her. *drools*

The birthday girl.

The birthday girl and I.

Heikal came too.

Gan and Feli. Oh, and an unknown crazy lady yang menyibuk.

The sisters trying to act funky funny.

Gan and I.

Trevor with his drag queen pose.

Raymond and I.

Barath and I.

James and I.

Kingsley and I.

Bryan and the girls.

We played another round of Charades, on the birthday girl’s request.
We lost, again.

I had an awesome two nights with you people. And I thank you all.
Let’s do it again !

Marc’s in Shah Alam registering for the new semester. He’ll be doing his degree there ! Yay !


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