I’m gonna start this post with a picture I took two Sundays ago at Carl’s Jr. One Utama where we had a mini get together for Gan and Navin’s birthday.

Happpy Birrthhhdayyyy both of you ! 🙂 
I think that’s Trev’s hand on the left. :p
I was exhausted (back to back night shifts *curses*) so I did not go around using my camera plus I had to leave early !:(
But it was definitely fun while it lasted. 🙂
Mr Sunshine came down last Thursday night.
We watched A Perfect Getaway at MidValley on that same night.
I found the movie quite interesting. We talked on and on about it on the way back. 🙂

The sleepyheads waiting for the movie at McD’s. This is the first of many (but not uploaded) pictures which only shows one eye of his. Haha.
We started off Friday with breakfast at McD’s (yeah I know, again ?). I LOVE McDonald’s lah ok. *blushes*
We used the time after breakfast to discuss about our wedding plans and he helped me draw the map to my reception venue. I was too lazy to do it myself. 🙂

Him: Dekat tepi Petronas ini ada traffic light tak ?
Me: *stares at the google map and scratches head* Errr, tak sure lah awakkkkkk !
Lihatlah ketekunan fiance saya. *bangga*
See, one eye only !
Yang penting saya comel kan awak, awak yang cakap ok, thank you. :p
Then we went to the settle a couple of wedding related details.
Had a lot of disagreements along the way. :'(
Planning a wedding is NOT easy.
We had our evening dessert at Snowflake SS15 which is located just opposite Asia Cafe. This place which sells Taiwanese shaved ice desserts, was introduced to me by Gan and Judith a few weeks ago and saya sangat suka ! 😀
You can choose the type of ice and the toppings to go with it. 🙂
Mr Sunshine had the bestseller which was Grass Jelly Ice with Taro balls. He enjoyed it.

I had Soya Ice with Barley, Sweet Potato and Pearls. Ahhh, nyum !

Despite having a headache from lack of sleep the night before, Mr Sunshine obliged when I suggested we go for a karaoke session. Poor him. He was looking so weak, to the extent I offered to drive us there.
But singing works wonders I tell you.
He looked well and chirpy as soon as we started singing and chowing down the buffet dinner. 🙂

Hand me a mic and I would be the happiest person alive. :p

See, so feeling he menyanyi. Betul ke sakit kepala awak ni ? 
I, on the other hand, was just posing, as usual. 🙂
I had to attend a Scientific Meeting on Writing and Statistical Analysis organized by the hospital’s Pharmacy Department last Saturday morning. It was actually a two-day thingy but after much persuasion and begging (and tears), I was excused from the evening and Sunday session to attend my marriage course. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Mr Sunshine and I had a little free time before our marriage course started, and he surprised me with booking a foot reflexology session at this place named Zouk Spa in Bandar Baru Bangi. Awww, I was so excited as I have always wanted to try it out !

Can you sense the happiness in me ? :p
The session started with me having to soak my legs in what was apparently chinese herbs. The lady who worked there told us it was to remove toxins from the body. Hmm.

 It was like soaking my leg in rice porridge.
And then the reflexology massage session starts !

Sakit ya ? Ini usus nya. …ini saluran kencing.

Sakit lagi ? Ini lutut, banyak berjalan ya ?
It hurt quite a bit at a few spots but apart from that it felt goooood. I’m gonna go again. Thank you awak ! 🙂
After our marriage course we drove straight to Rawang for Aunty Zainon’s open house. It took us almost three hours to get there because of the unusually heavy traffic EVERYWHERE.
But it was so worth it, the food (and company) were to die for.

I should stop writing, shouldn’t I ? I’m getting dizzy looking at my own post.

Oh hey, I have something for my incessant Coke craving these days.

Thank you McDonald’s. I know this is bad but you know I’m in love with you. 😀
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