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You would have thought that after viewing my results last night I would have been able to doze off peacefully, right ? That’s what I thought too.
Instead, I was tossing and turning on my bed (with my eyes shut) for at least 2 hours. At least. I was already on my bed before 1am. The last time I glanced at my clock, it was 3am. Boy, I was sooo sleepy. My brain seemed think otherwise. It preferred staying awake while torturing my poor body. Sigh.

I told Daddy I wanted to follow him to the lake to jog while he did his walk this morning. According to him, he woke me up at around 630am. Considering that I just went to bed about three hours before that, I was pretty much unwakeable. It was only when Heikal rang me up at around 7am that I jumped out of my bed and excitedly ran down with the happy thought that I would be going jogging with Daddy.
Daddy left, without me.
So I ended up exercising at home.

Daddy’s in Shah Alam.
Marc’s at his friends’ futsal tournament.
Lene and I would be going out with Heikal later for a movie and probably dinner too.


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