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Day Two post dental surgery, and my cheek has swelled up to its max.
Well, I hope this is the maximum because I wouldn’t want it to get any bigger.
I initially thought of uploading a photo of how I look like right now but I didn’t want any of you to die of a heart attack or of laughing too much.
So far, besides Daddy and Lene, Annisa and Mr. Sunshine (I sent my picture to them online) are the only people who have seen me in this puffed up (and painful) state.
Daddy and Lene actually made fun of how I look like.
I don’t blame them, I would make fun of me too.

Mr. Sunshine has been trying his very best to cheer me up.
I pity the poor guy for having to deal with my volatility and nonsense.

I taste blood the whole time.

It still hurts and it’s bloody damn uncomfortable.

I had Bubur Ayam McD last night and I had to mash the chicken pieces in it for me to be able to just suck them in.
I had two servings of ice cream too.
I wanted to have more because the pain and discomfort seemed to go away while I’m stuffing my mouth with ice cream but I don’t think my throat would be too happy.

I haven’t had anything (yet) to eat today.
Daddy insists that I should eat something so he’s going to get me the porridge again.
I have been taking my antibiotics without food. So much for showing a good example as a pharmacist.
I wish I could chew on raisins (nyum !) or finish that bar of Van Houten (nyumm nyummm !) in the fridge !

I weighed in at 51 kgs after I had my bath an hour ago.
I was 55 kgs two months ago. 48 kgs a year ago (sigh), 60 kgs five years ago (I know, crazy right ! The ex lah, sumbat me with everything and anything edible !), not that it mattered to any of you lah kan *edited* any of you are keeping count lah kan.
Anywayyy, I believe that the weighing scale is trying to play tricks on me.
OK maybe not, but I’m sure to put on weight as soon as I can take solid food again so I’m not gonna jump in joy. Not that I can jump, anyway.
I can’t even walk up and down the stairs without the impact hurting me.
The last time I had a workout was last Monday morning before the surgery.
Two days without exercise is making me feel flabby.

Please remind me to never go for any kind of surgery in the future.
I don’t think I have the patience for all this.

Or maybe I am just extremely bored.
And subconsciously hungry.

Does this qualify as an emo post ?


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