Warning: Boring/whiny post ahead. 

It has been 2 and a half months since I got married.
Which means I have gone more than 2 and a half months without working out.

It has not done me any good, my clothes are getting tighter.
It doesn’t help that nowadays I eat every day, breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
Sometimes supper too !
I enjoy eating with my Mr Sunshine. 🙁

I don’t want to end up a woman who just lets herself go after she gets married.
Nor do I want to go back to how I looked like half a decade ago.

When I was looking like the above photo, people were still convincing me that I was not fat.
Can you see the amount of fat on my cheeks ?!
Eeee so fugly !

I have grown to look like this now.

It’s a good thing I’m all covered up now, so you cannot exactly see all the rolls and flab underneath. Haha.
It pains me to go through old photos of myself and to stumble upon photos like this.

Or this.

I desperately want need to go back to looking like that !

Not only for the sake of fitting into my clothes, but also for my own health.
I want to be fit and healthy for Mr Sunshine.
InshaAllah, when and if I have kids, I want to be able to play and run after them with ease.
I do not want to be panting after walking up one flight of stairs. 

Allow me to clarify, I am at currently still at a normal weight for my height, and I have an ideal body mass index.
My tops are mostly S or M in size.
But I still am not as fit and toned as I was before.

Gone are the days when I could exercise for two to three hours straight.
I tried exercising last Sunday, but I could not even bring myself to finish the whole DVD.
Although I probably worked a minuscule amount of muscle, my butt cheeks and inner thighs were so sore on the following Monday !
I used that as an excuse not to exercise.
And I only resumed exercising this evening !

Exercising twice a week won’t get me anywhere near my old body. :'(

I need more motivation.
I need that drive.

I love exercising and how it empowers me, but..




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6 Comments on i need that drive.

  1. u looked sangat kurus in baju pink tu…ur body like baju hitam tu is okay…not so thin…

    ermmmm just like me loh…u know berat ayu skrg is 60+ tahu (malunyeee)…after raya hari tuh ayu cuma boleh turunkan sekejap je pastu naik balik coz i cannot stop eating!!!!

    Now ayu makan lebih bnyk drpd dulu, huhu. i hate that fact. i dont care if it’s high in calories…exercise pun dah jarang2, twice a week…everyday selalu ada azam nak start hahahah…insyaAllah…

    Hey babe, y don’t u start back slowly, dont push urself too hard. 3 times u do the same exercise your body will adjust it.

    goodluck to you and me!!!

  2. Actually I was at the same weight in both those photos, probably the angle made me look thinner ?

    Ayu nampak ok je, because you’re tall.
    I’m short and if I gain weight I look like a penguin walking around. 🙁

    Yeah, I’m trying slowly, not putting so much pressure on myself.

    Good luck Ayu !! 😀

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