Good morning.
I am on leave today.
I’m supposed to drive Mr Sunshine to his office later as he will be leaving to KL for some work, but he managed to persuade his office mates to pick him up here instead.
Hence, I have the whole day off, and I had planned to sleep it off.

But here I am, unable to go back to bed after waking up at 0630 hours just now.
My eyes are tired but my brain just wants to stay active (?).

I just put our clothes to wash. Had some biscuits for breakfast.
Next, I am gonna pack Mr Sunshine’s clothes for his work trip.
I will be left alone for two nights (cue sad awwwww, thanks).
It’s a good thing I would be working, on this weekend (again) too.
I guess that would distract me a bit from feeling all depressed and lonely.

Anyway, my in-laws (excluding Angah) got on an 8-hour bus ride to come over and visit Mr Sunshine and I last Friday night.
They reached here very very early on Saturday morning and their bus ride back to Batu Pahat was on Sunday night, so we had only two days to entertain them.
Terengganu is getting pretty boring to us by now, well at least to me it is, so we were lacking in ideas on where to bring them.
In the end we brought them to Pasar Payang that day after lunch.
My mother in-law wanted to look for a new telekung, and my father in-law wanted to look for a batik shirt. Both of them managed to get what they wanted, with much bargaining. :p
We wanted to have keropok lekor at Bukit Tok Beng but it was closed already that evening, so we had them at Losong instead.

We had lunch and dinner at home but despite it being my home, my mother in-law cooked and I helped. Hehe.
On Sunday after having Nasi Kerabu for breakfast, we headed to Kenyir Lake.
We took a boat ride around the lake, similar to what we did when my family came over, but this time we paid extra for a one-hour stop at Saok Waterfalls and Taman Herba.

We had a distasteful lunch at one of the stalls by the lake. I need to remind myself never to dine there again.
We dropped by an old friend of my mother in-law’s place in Kuala Berang on our way back home.
They were best friends before. It was so cute to watch how excited they were when they laid eyes on each other !
The rest of us just sat and listen, and stuffed ourselves with cakes and curry puffs, as they reminisce about the good times they shared. 😀

Before we knew it, it was already time for us to leave for Kuala Terengganu, as Mr Sunshine had made steamboat dinner reservations at a restaurant in town. We made a stop at Pandak Beach, just to enjoy sunset. 🙂

The steamboat was very deliciously satisfying. The tomyam soup was super kaw !
Thank you sayang. 😉
And that was it, we drove to the bus stand and sent the in-laws off.
They must have been so exhausted, both my mother and father in-law had to go to work that Monday morning right after arriving. *gasps*

My back is hurting.
I’m gonna go lie down now. Bye !


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