I’m back !

Well I actually reached Kuala Terengganu at about 1600 hours yesterday.
After picking me up at the airport, Mr Sunshine and I had McDonald’s (again !), and then we dropped by the Terengganu Trade Centre for the PIKOM PC Fair where Mr Sunshine bought himself a new set of AVF headphones, and I bought a set of Sonic Gear speakers for my lappie. 🙂

The SERVQUAL workshop I attended at Port Dickson was fun ! I really learned a lot about SPSS and how to handle the Patient Satisfaction Survey which will be compulsory for all KKM hospitals, twice yearly.
We have been told to start as soon as we get back from the workshop, gather at least 450 patients in the next 5 months and run the data analysis with SPSS and present the results by December. And you guessed it, I will be responsible for the whole thing, because I attended the workshop.
I can’t believe I am saying this but I am so excited to start working on it !
I am going to let go of all the bitter memories SPSS gave me all these years. Haha.
Sorry, I could not contain the nerd in me. Hehe.

I guess I am fortunate that the hotel we stayed in was very comfortable.
Because earlier on, I was a bit apprehensive about going. Worrying about getting on a cab to Port Dickson from KLIA alone, worried about the hotel condition as Mr Sunshine just came back from an uncomfortable stay while attending a course in Kelantan, worried about not understanding a thing during the workshop and worried about being alone.
But it all turned out a-okay, Alhamdulillah.
I met a couple of my UiTM seniors there, and one of my close friends during my final year Biey (yay !) and my friend when I was in Hospital Putrajaya, Madeline.
I definitely was not alone. Hehe.
I spent most of my time with Biey, who is a new mother (yay !) even though she brought her husband, who is also my ex-classmate in UiTM, and baby boy along on the trip.

I managed to snap a few photos, not enough for you to see how beautiful the place is, but I’m uploading them anyway. :p

My room. Two single beds, I shared a room with my senior, Kak Hendra.

See those frame-like things on the wall ? Those are lamps. Pretty kan ? Please excuse the sight of my sweater and prayer mat on the bed.

This ceiling lamp is so cute !

View from outside the lobby.

The swimming pool. How cute are those seals ?

View from the restaurant patio.

I had the opportunity to put my babysitting skills to the test.
While Biey and her husband were carrying their stuff to their room, I watched over their 3-month old baby boy.

Hello Ahmad Muqri Danish !

It did not feel challenging to look after a baby who was sleeping so I woke him up. Haha.
Hello there, again !

But his response was so uncalled for.

But cute. Hehe.

Meet the mother of the baby, Biey who happily shared her scary beautiful experience of giving birth with me. 🙂

Danish and I, again. Before he fell asleep on my arm. 🙂

So there you go.
I had fun.
But nothing beats being back in the arms of Mr Sunshine. Hehe. ♥

Ok bye.


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