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I think it’s about time someone declared me the lousiest blogger around.
It’s nearing the end of January and I have only written ONE post this month and it’s not even noteworthy.

The thing is, nothing much has been going on in my life these days. It has been work, sleep, eat, a few parties, and a few get-togethers. That’s pretty much it.
I am too freaking lazy to upload any photos here. Most of them are in my Facebook anyway.
I have two and a half weeks more in Tanglin, then it’s back to hell HPJ (Hospital Putrajaya) for another eight fucking months. I am so dreading the 6th of February. Arggghhhh !

Lene just started working at La Senza, KLCC today.
I’m gonna have to go pick her up at the LRT station later tonight. But I am already feeling sleepy. How ? *yawns*
Oh yeah, I have been driving quite a lot I might say. The furthest I have driven to so far is to Kajang. I consider that an achievement. Haha. I can’t wait to drive Mr. Sunshine around the next time he comes down.

Lene named my car Coconut. I forgot why.
Hmm, because I love chocolates too much and that I am a nut ?
I’ve gotta remember to ask her again.
So yeah, my car, Coconut or affectionately called Coco. Haha.

Lene got through to the finals of the KLPac Idol 2009 which was yesterday. There were 8 finalists altogether. Her performance was awesome but unfortunately luck was not on her side. I was in tears (and hysterically shouting) as I was sooo proud to see her on stage rocking the crowd. *smiles*

I have bruises on my thigh and arm from Bryan’s birthday pool party last Saturday night. I honestly do not know how I got them.

I am slightly sunburned from sitting at the side of the lake at KLPac yesterday afternoon. My face is stinging OK.

Believe or not, I am gonna be 25 and I have never gotten a manicure (or a pedicure) and I think I need one. On the LRT this evening this girl who sat next to me had such lovely nails, unpolished, but lovely ! Unlike mine with all these dead/dry cuticles (or whatever these ugly things at the side of my nails are).
My feet are full of ugly blisters. Yucks.
Why is it so hard to find shoes that do not torture my feet ?

My back’s aching (age catching up ?) so I am gonna lie down for a bit. I hope I don’t fall asleep.
Goodnight people.


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5 Comments on i am a lousy blogger.

  1. Baby: Eh babe I thought I sent you the invite on FB ? =(

    Syusyu: Ehhhhh birthday I lambat lagi !! Hee.

    Tok Li: Haha. But not for long.

    Cheryl: Let’s ! =)

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