…weeks, that is. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

I have been on medical leave yesterday and today.
I bled a bit down there so the doctor did an ultrasound on me, and Alhamdulillah she saw that my baby’s heart was beating normally, placenta was in a good position (read: not low lying) and told me there should be no major problems, InshaAllah. Was told to rest and don’t move around too much which was a piece of cake for a lazy bum like me. Hehe.
The bleeding might have been due to the excessive walking Mr Sunshine and I did on Saturday (details later).

I am currently experiencing slight pain and I don’t know whether that’s any cause for worry. Sometimes it feels as though my uterus is gonna fall out. As absurd as that may sound, that IS how I feel, so I keep holding my tummy to make that doesn’t really happen. Am I crazy ? :S

I can’t help it but I am worried sick.
It’s back to work tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.
Dear baby, please don’t make Mummy worry, ok ?

Now to what happened on Saturday…
I have been wanting to have pancakes for quite some time now, and the only place I know that has them is McDonald’s, so Mr. Sunshine and I planned to take a drive to KT on Saturday morning to have breakfast. We ordered the Family Breakfast Box. I had the Hotcakes, Mr. Sunshine had the Big Breakfast and we shared the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. 🙂


Our heavy Saturday breakfast !
My Hotcakes. 😀

Since we were already in town, we decided to get my car serviced as well. We didn’t have an appointment, so we had to wait in turn. It was a FOUR hours wait !

We took a walk to check out the other shops around the service centre area. It wasn’t a real long walk, but I felt exhausted. Talk about lack of stamina !

At the service centre. Bored. Hehe.

After my car was ready, we drove to Giant to do a some groceries shopping and to Terengganu Trade Centre to visit the PIKOM PC Fair. I was feeling a bit dizzy at that time, wasn’t too sure why.
We stopped by Secret Recipe for an early dinner before heading home. I ordered the usual Chicken Cordon Bleu and Mr. Sunshine tried the Pan-Grilled Dory in Lobster Sauce.


Mr Sunshine’s dish arrived a bit late and by the time I realized I did not get a picture of it, it was happily traveling down his digestive system. :p

At the end of that Saturday, I was so worn out and my lower abdomen was hurting. Hence, the story above.

As for my morning sickness, I have not been vomiting much these days, Alhamdulillah. But am still nauseated after meals, and after brushing my teeth. Certain odours still make me wanna throw up.
Guess what I bought to help ease the urge to vomit after brushing my teeth ?

Kodomo Lion Strawberry toothpaste ! Haha.


I have gained a good 3 kilograms, much to the shock of the nurses during my latest monthly checkup. I know I am supposed to gain weight but probably not that drastically ? In my defense, I am just making up for all the throwing up and food I did not get to eat during my first trimester !
Oh, and for those of you wondering how (fat) I look like now, here’s a snapshot of me from last Saturday. 🙂

Me, 4 months pregnant. 🙂

P.S: My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


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  1. Amelyn: Hi ! Thanks for dropping by, although I would not call my blog a pregnancy blog. :p
    Thanks dear. Will link you up. 🙂

    Nanie: Haha, that’s an optical illusion. Thanks dear. InshaAllah, Ameen. 🙂

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