I feel like a lousy neighbour.

A lousy neighbour who was oblivious to the fact that the senior medical assistant who has been living right across me with his wife (a nurse) moved out last weekend.
Even though I could choose to use the excuse of me not being around during the last weekend, but I did not notice that they were no longer occupying the space opposite mine even after I got back from Gombak last Monday.
It took me a question from my colleague, who asked me whether they had already moved out for me to take a closer look and realized there were no more shoes and sandals outside of the place.
How ignorant is that ?

To alleviate my guilt, I tried to strike up a conversation with him when I bumped into him at the hospital,
Me: Assalamualaikum, Encik S**** dah pindah ye ?
Him: Waalaikumussalam, iye baru je hari minggu yang lepas.
Me: Oh patut lah, saya balik kampung masa tu, tak perasan. (See how I am trying to console myself ?)
Him: Ye lah, baru seminggu je pindah.
Me: Oh okay. *smiles*

Oh well.
What’s done is done.
As Pumbaa puts it, you’ve gotta put your behind in your past. Hehe.
How I wish I could do that, who knows maybe my behind will stop expanding at the rate it is now. :p

Ramadhan is next week and I have finally finished making up my fasts, today.
I vow to start making up the fasts for this Ramadhan as early as I can, not like this year.
But that was what I vowed last year too, so you get the picture.
According to my period calendar, Aunt Flo will be visiting me (InshaAllah) during the first few days of Ramadhan, which means she will paying another visit at the end of Ramadhan (InshaAllah).
Hence, more fasting days to make up for !

I would like to share a few things I learned over the long weekend:

  1. If you double park, you can (or should ?) leave your car in free gear so that it can be pushed/moved just in case. Yes, I did not know this, laugh all you want. Thank you Mr. Parking Attendant at the Putra LRT station car park.
  2. There is such a thing as an Exhibition Specialist. Thanks Annisa darling.
  3. I am not a shopaholic, but a new pair of pretty wedges can do wonders to your confidence !
  4. Every relationship/friendship needs two-way communication. 
  5. Always remember to keep a record of your expenses especially when there’s a (book) sale. Hehe.
  6. You don’t need to stay in a toxic relationship/friendship and if someone does not put you on their list of priorities, they don’t deserve to be on yours.
  7. I need to eat to survive, I used to be able to go on starving but now I need food !

In reference to No. 5, I am guilty for over spending while I was back in Gombak. Sigh.
So now I am spending my days (and nights) whining to Mr Sunshine about how I am going to get through another 20 days until my next pay.
I am so lucky Mr Sunshine is such a cool dude. Hehe.
We’re total opposites, I get worked up over petty things, but he remains calm and collected (and macho as he would put it, haha) even through the rough times.
I don’t know what I would do without him.
I guess opposites do attract. 😉

My armpits are still sweaty (hahaha), and my arms are still a bit sore from scrubbing Mr Sunshine’s shirts awhile ago.
I should take another bath.


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