I am on medical leave, and am told to isolate myself from others. 🙁
Mr Sunshine is down with chickenpox. Poor thing.
But today he brought us both some good news.
My future in laws have finally managed to come up with a mutual decision on when the reception (bertandang) on their side would be on.
It will be on January 31st, 2010. InshaAllah.
Alhamdulillah. 🙂

I am grateful that my photographer is OK with the change of date. Thank you thank you Fadza. 🙂
I have heard of some that would not entertain cancellations !
Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Does anyone have an idea on how to know the number of pax I should book for the catering ?
Let’s say I have 700 people on my list. Do I order for 700 ? Or more ? Or less ?
Daddy is telling me not to order for too many as not all of who are invited would come.
It’s true, but how many exactly ?
Argh, tiba tiba rasa serabut.

Melissa R.

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5 Comments on how many ?

  1. it’s difficult to say.. some say.. kalo 700 panggilan order 500 pn ckup.. ada plak ckp kalo 700 panggilan baik order utk 900, takut xckup…

    but my view is that, biar order lbih sikit.. jgn la smpai terlebih2. lbih 100 ke dr jmputan, sbb kkdg kita lupa anak branak dia ke lagi ke kan.. lagi2 kat kmpung, ada je yg xajak pn dtg.. KL ok sket kot…

    jd kat my uncle..dia order catering 1500, xckup..siap kna msk tmbah.nasib baik dh prepare la, agk2 kalo xckup…

    i think, trlbih sket xpe, leh bg sdara2 tapau… sbb malu kalo org dtg mknn xckup… smpai ke anak cucu kena kutuk..hahahah…

    so in my case, km akan lbihkan dlm 100-200 dr bilangan jmputan…

    happy preparing!

  2. melissa..
    if 700 org on ur list, catering kena 2 kali ganda, so kena order utk 1400 org.. tu pun kadang2 tak cukup sbb maybe ade yang kite jemput mulut jugak kan?

    org kate, biar lebih tapi jgn kurang.. kesian tetamu.. lagipun u anak sulung, mesti ramai org dtg..

    ok? sekadar berkongsi… 🙂

  3. 700 tu I have included isteri anak anak semua tau.
    If names on list ada dlm 300+.
    If like that, order for 700 ok tak rasa ?

    Thank you so so much. 🙂

  4. klu list 300 order 700 okay tu melissa.. 🙂

    ape2 pun mesti kena order 2x ganda. sbb jemputan kita at least diorg mesti bwk couple as usual kan..
    :)(ni my mum asek ulang byk kali, huhu)

    relaks.. jgn pening2, hehehe.. (walaupun aida pun pening jugak dgn majlis sendiri, hihihi)

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