Mr Sunshine and I are currently going through a rough patch.
I can say that this is probably the worst that has ever happened to us since we got together more than a year ago. *cries*
We’re trying to sort things out.
Do pray for us, please.
I need strength.
I need hope.
I need to trust again.
I need to move on.
Melissa R.
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4 Comments on hitting a rock.

  1. insy everything wll b ok, dear..
    be strong..!!
    u both cn get thro dis, insy..
    Allah hnya m’uji m’ikut kmmpuan lis..Allah tau ko kuat..
    ujian ni mgkn utk mguatkn lg hubungn korg..
    kte same2 doa ye.. =)
    luv ya alwiz..

  2. hie mel.
    judith here.
    i will pray for you.dont worry. this is just a bump which you can definitely get through.
    hugs & love

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