When I was little, every time I had the hiccups, Daddy would say to me, “That means you’re growing !”.
He said in such a way that it made me feel proud to be hiccuping. I’m growing, I’m growing !
I’m all grown up now and these days when I’ve got the hiccups, I still believe it’s a sign of me growing. Growing sideways, that is. Hehe.
Mr Sunshine and I are planning to buy food from the Ramadhan Bazaar here for tonight.
I’m in my lazy (and tired) mood so I won’t be cooking.

Don’t blame me, blame all the traveling the both of us have been doing in the past few days.
Terengganu – Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat – Terengganu, Terengganu – Seremban, Seremban -Terengganu.
Those states are not like an hour’s drive away ok.

But all is good because it’s already the end of the week and I have the whole weekend to (hopefully) have a good rest. 🙂


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