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Recently, an ex-classmate of mine during high school told me that she was getting engaged next month and would probably get married next year. Congratulations, Fira !
The she asked, “Kau bila lagi ?“. I instantly felt nauseated. No la, just kidding. I felt, erm, slightly disturbed.
She went, “Mesti dah ada plan kan, kan, kan ?” and I didn’t know what to reply to that. I just told her, “Bila sampai jodohnya la.
On Kak Siti’s wedding day, I was also asked almost a hundred times on when is it gonna be my turn. Unlike my normal self, who would jokingly reply, “Tahun depan. Haha.”, this time I just brushed them off with a laugh.

Oh how I so want it to be next year. (or maybe the year after that)

But I guess it’s not as easy as it sounds.
First and foremost, finding someone who is husband material definitely isn’t easy. Being a husband comes with a huge responsibility of not only taking care but also guiding me and my future children.
Secondly, after graduating, my family’s well being would have to be my priority. I’d have to make sure they have food on the table, the bills are paid, Daddy’s health always in check and Marc and Marlene get through their studies.

So, me getting married next year would be close to impossible.

But then again, who knows ?
*crosses fingers*

Speaking about marriages, two nights ago, an my ex boyfriend when I was 15 and 17 (we broke up once and got back together, then broke up again) called. It came as a surprise for me as we haven’t spoken in years.
We spoke for a bit and I think he might have gotten the wrong impression that I liked him or still had feelings for him or something.
He started texting me with mushy mushy sweet talk, then calling me and talking about marriage and saying things to me as if he was my boyfriend. Ergh. It gets really disgusting at times. How do you tell this guy off without hurting his feelings ?
Sigh. Hate these kinda situations.

I’m forced to scoop up some ice cream for my lazy (haha) sister and brother (and myself), so I’m off to do just that.


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