..I have finally arrived !

After 21 hours of labour and 4-minutes of pushing (my Mummy’s awesome !), Mummy has safely delivered me into this world !
I was born at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu at exactly 0859 hours, weighing 2.56 kilograms (I know, I’m pretty tiny, so I guess all that weight Mummy gained was hers after all, haha !) and I was a champion because I pooped and peed immediately after I popped out !
Ayah has told Mummy to wait until he announces my name ‘officially’ (his exact words), but Mummy is so anxious to let everyone know, she keeps asking Ayah every 5 minutes, “Bila boleh bagi tahu niiiii ??”

As much that I am excited to grow up, at the time being I am focusing on keeping Mummy awake all night to feed me. Nyums.
Until next time, bye !

xoxo (Mummy says this means hugs and kisses)

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28 Comments on hello everyone..

  1. Did Mummy tell you you have an awesome aunt? Yeaaahhhhh that’s me.. Hahahahaha. See you soon, lil bugger.

  2. Melissa… congrats! i just gave birth yesterday pkl 2.00 pagi… hehe rasa mcm malas nk post entry sbb sure long story hehe… nways. pls announce baby girl’s name fast! she’s adorable!!!

  3. Congratulations to both you and Hubby!!! She’s so adorable. More photos please? Now I patiently wait for my turn…ai


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