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Today has been one hell of a day.
Lene wanted to borrow my shoes which were in Shah Alam, so the both of us took the public transportation there to get them.

On the LRT,

  • There was this delicious looking Arab guy with cool afro-ish hair. I didn’t realize he was checking me out until Lene told me so (which was way after we got off the LRT. *straight face*). Yes, yes I do realize that I have a boyfriend. Heee.
  • Lene also told me that the lady carrying a baby sitting next to her on the LRT smelled of jelly. Uhuh, that’s what she said, jelly. Which made her disgusted.

At the Central Market bus stand,

  • There was this creepy guy who was staring at our vaginas. No joke okay. Staring down there as if was about to jump on us. He was even staring at me (my mouth) when I was eating my chocolate bun. Hello ? What the hell ? It was scary and gross at the same time.

On the bus to Shah Alam

  • There was this guy who suddenly shouted at the couple sitting behind him for no apparent reason. Gila apa. Then he was smelling (yes, smelling) the denim jacket he was wearing (seriously funny okay) and looking back at everyone so many times as if he’s trying to pick a fight or something.

At the Shah Alam bus stand waiting for the bus to Section 7,

  • A lady came out of the men’s toilet, laughing happily. *puzzled look*
  • There was this big sized guy staring at my butt. And Lene sort of shouted at him. Haha.
  • A guy old enough to be our uncle offered to buy Lene keropok by saying, “Adik nak apa, abang belanja.” Erm, abang ? Tak sedar diri betul la.

Heikal sent us home. (Thank you Smelly)

This has to be the most crappiest post I have ever written.
Hooray to me !



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3 Comments on headache.

  1. No actually this was extremely funny – very descriptive of the perverts and weirdos we have roaming the streets.


    Well done

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