Today I went for my first official ward round. 🙂
I’ve been on rounds before this, but along with a colleague of mine and at the female ward she is in charge of.
The round was not too bad. Did not communicate that much with the doctor. Was a bit nervous of being asked questions that do not know the answers to !
Was also nervous as there were quite a number of patients with tuberculosis and retroviral positive.
Looking forward to doing better tomorrow. InshaAllah. 🙂
Mr Sunshine has transferred both his Streamyx and Astro accounts to the place I am staying now. I do not have to live in boredom anymore. 🙂
Had a short date with Mr Sunshine after work today.
He commented that my ass has gotten mantap. Hahahaha. I’m feeling it too. Hahaha. Semua orang boleh muntah sekarang.
In my defense, I’ve been doing a whole lot of squats lately.
But…they don’t seem to be working on my thighs ! Plus this extra weight on me has not been dropping off at all. At all. :'(
I was on call last weekend but Mr Sunshine and I still found time to head to East Coast Mall, Kuantan after work on Friday to watch 2012 which was a huge dissapointment.
The both of us could not believe we traveled for more than two hours to watch (if I may say so) a piece of crap. There’s no doubt that the visual effects was good, but the script was nauseatingly cheesy most of the time, and the plot was downright sucky. Even the cast could not save it from being a flop.
Mr Sunshine and I were giggling in disbelief throughout the whole movie.
I was so relieved when it was over.
Definitely the worst movie I’ve watched this year. -_____-
It’s a good thing we also drove there to terminate my Maxis Broadband. There are no Maxis Centres in Terengganu.
Another good thing about last Friday was dinner. We had an early dinner at Black Canyon Coffee House. Has any one of you been there ?
It was our first time, and we were very pleased with the menu variety and price.
They have a selcetion of the menu they call the Fusion Menu.
I ordered the Fettuccini Chicken Green Curry which was not bad. Not too spicy. But I love my food spicy !
Mr Sunshine tried the Fusilli in Chicken Tom Yum. IT WAS THE BEST TOM YUM I HAVE EVER TASTED WEH ! I felt like having another bowl !
I’m salivating by even looking at the pictures.
An added point was the staff were really courteous.
I would definitely want to go back there again. *hint hint*
Oh yeah, I was surprised with roses last Thursday. 🙂
I’m gonna watch Phineas and Ferb now. 😀
Bye !
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5 Comments on he was checking out my ass.

  1. close your mouth, girl… yeah, i read your blog… feel free to visit mine too.. tapi dah lama rasanya tak update… bukan tak de masa… heh, ni pun kat ofis.. u’re not around so tak de orang nak sakat.. cume tak de benda nak cakap… kehkeh… c u when u get here, k…

  2. Lisa, dah sampai terengganu? hope u sampai safe and sound there :), happy got to meet you again :P, nanti anytime we lepak sama2 kay? aritu tak sempat nak borak lama2 🙂
    take care 🙂 muahs

  3. Noor: Haha kantoi suka sakat I kat office. Thanks for dropping by, definitely will read ur blog. 😀

    Syusyu: Dah dah, tgh malam gak ar sampai. Happy to meet you again even though didn’t get to sit and chit chat ! 🙂
    Hope to see you again soon k. Take care too. Muah ! 🙂

  4. kak mel..i dunno if its too late to tell u this but maybe u can try using u know those belts that vibrates or gives off heat around ur thighs..u can also put it on ur tummy and friend tried it and it seems to work..

  5. Aizamin !! Are you trying to tell me that I’m fat ? Sobs. Hehe, but thanks ye. 🙂
    Dah outta time to do anything about my tummy/buns/thighs etc pun. :p

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