Good morning.
Hope you all had a good week.
I am working at the Emergency Department today. Will be doing so until 3 pm, then head back to (hopefully) get some rest, and come back to work at 10 pm until 7 am tomorrow.

I am feeling a bit sleepy. I have been yawning countless times since I arrived at 7 just now.
Had an awesome girls’ night out at The Curve with Lene, Feli and Judith last night. As a result, I only had 5 hours of sleep.
OK so 5 hours might not sound that bad to you, but honestly, nowadays I can’t function well without at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Maybe it’s the age. Or the fact that I am working. And stressed. I don’t know. I feel old.
OK back to last night, the four of us talked, gossiped (gossip, gossip !) and laughed over dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters. It felt as though time was so envious of us having a good time, because without even noticing, it was already half past 11 pm !
Sigh. But I’m sure we’ll get to hang out again like that soon. We must !
Lene cut chopped her hair short, and I think she looks like Winona Ryder. Daddy says she looks like Audrey Hepburn !

Put a haircut like that on my face and I doubt I would look anything close to beautiful.
I told her that she always makes me feel ‘hair conscious’.
Here I am sporting the same old hairstyle for ages because I don’t have the guts (and face) to do anything to it and there she is getting bangs and pixie haircuts every now and then. I guess I’ll just have to face it, my sister’s cool and I am not. Hehe.
Oh but my hair does need a trim.

My research presentation is next Friday.
Nope, I am not even near being ready for it. I have not analysed my data.
I think I should be able to do so by Monday. I hope !

I am actually mentally preparing myself for the probability of me having to extend my time as a PRP.
What am I saying, I will never be mentally prepared for that. SIGH !

I had a painful gastric attack last night. :'(
Note to self: EAT, please.

Sometimes I get paranoid about eating.
I don’t wanna end up with diarrhea like I did last Wednesday which lasted right up to Thursday evening !
Sigh, my tummy is so mengada.

I just realized that in my previous post I thanked everyone except Mr Sunshine. Errrr, awak terasa ke awak ? Thank you so much awak, tanpa awak, tak ada orang nak bertunang dengan saya. Hee. 🙂
Thank you kepada mak awak yang comel, ayah awak yang nampak garang and adik-adik awak yang cantik-cantik belaka kerana sudi terima saya jadi sebahagian family in the future, InsyaAllah. 🙂

Ann has not passed me the photos from the occasion. She has been busy. I was hoping to get to blog in detail about the whole thing with pictures. But I guess it’s not gonna happen.
Or maybe there will be a delayed report. 🙂

It looks like it’s gonna pour.


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