Yes, that’s a line from the Spice Girls’ song.

I’d be attending a two-day Ward Pharmacist (Clinical) Documentation Workshop in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu starting tomorrow.
I get to hitch a ride with Mr Sunshine. Yay !

The past two days have been hectic, felt as if I barely had time to breathe.
Banyak kerja !

Things were not so rosy in the emotions department too.
Some people kept pressing the wrong buttons, resulting in me being very cold and agitated.
I also got to know that one of my colleagues, Nur Amalina (affectionately called Ina), who I am close to is leaving this Thursday.
Going back to HUSM, Kelantan.
Which means she will no longer be working at the hospital. :””(

The only photo I have of Ina and I. 🙁

She and I had grown to be so close in the span of 5 months that I have been here.
Besides sharing secrets, gossips and heart to heart conversations, cracking silly jokes, we were always discussing about new cases, patients (read: work) and she is just always there whenever I needed a helping hand.
She lives in the unit just below me, and we go out together sometimes, she (and her hubby !) looks out for me whenever I am unwell and whenever Mr Sunshine’s not around.
Even the Pharmacy Assistants have told us we look like we’d make good best friends.
I’d definitely be missing the presence of such a good, trustworthy, kind-hearted, sweet and funny friend and co-worker !

This is sad.
And of course I cried. I still can cry now, if you want me to. :p
But I am definitely happy for her.
I wish nothing but the best for her future, especially for the 18-week old foetus she’s carrying around now. 😉
I pray she’d be strong enough to face any obstacles and challenges at her new workplace.

Ok I’m gonna go sit and mope for a bit.


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4 Comments on goodbye my friend, it’s not the end.

  1. lisa, i’m speechless..thanks so so so much!!!dis notes make me very terharu…my tears started falling down…thanks ..u r kind-hearted lady, not forgotten, iron lady..-ina-

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