I am on call tonight (yesterday night) again.
Time flew by real fast tonight.
I spent half of the night uploading my engagement photos on my Facebook.
Yes, Ann and I met up and I have finally got my hands on them pretty shots !
Feast your eyes on a few of them ! 😉

Lene did my make-up for the day. I’ve always told you my sister is hebat.

My hantaran. Done by Sal (mostly) and Lene at the very very last minute. I did mention that they stayed up until almost 6 am that day, right ?

This did not take as long as I thought it would. But my heart was racing while waiting upstairs.

Heart still racing. You can tell just by looking at my OMG-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-now look.

The stubborn ring. Embarrassed me in front of all. My future MIL actually jokingly said, “Dah gemuk kot” when it took so long for the ring to actually fit. Sobs ! Truth is, when we bought it, I tried it on my left ring finger (which is slightly smaller than my right side) and it fitted perfectly. Reminder: Try rings on fingers on both sides in future.

Finally ! Cium sikit. Thank you thank you. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah. Aamin. 🙂

With future MIL and SILs. 🙂

Family !

Orang orang kuat saya. ♥

Besties. 😉


Family again.

Soon to be Mr and Mrs ! ♥

And I have saved the best for last…

(pardon my grammar, I ♥ my Daddy)

I have about half an hour until my shift is over but I have not rested at all.
I hope I’d be able to drive back safely to Gombak later as I’ve got a couple of important things to settle.

I miss my sister lah.
It’s a peculiar feeling, it’s not that we used to see each other everyday as I am here on most days.
But still, I miss her.


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6 Comments on geli me now.

  1. Cik Put: Hee thank you thank you. InsyaAllah I will babe ! 🙂

    Feli: *blushes* No lah, I look normal only. But thanks so much. Hugs. 🙂

    Swit@kon: Thanks kak ! Isk, la ye ke nape tak say hi je. 🙂

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