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Wireless at home sweet home.

I’m not in a very pleasant mood, but here are some updates from the past week.

So last Wednesday, some of my classmates and I went for some satay at Kajang. Syafiq, Yamin and I took almost two hours to get there because of the heavy traffic.

We felt that it was kinda like a waste, because we went all the way just for a few sticks of satay.
But then, Yamin and I went karaoke-ing right after that.

Eventhough we wished we had more time to sing, all in all it was good.
Thank you, Yamin ku. Hee.

Had lunch with these people yesterday at SACC.

Heart you all !

We talked about how this is our last semester and next week would be the last week we would actually get to meet the class as a whole. Gosh, I hate to admit it but that IS sad.

I miss Mr. Sunshine.

I miss Akey.
I need Akey. Sigh.

I’m gonna be sick.


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