Hi all.
It has been ages, hasn’t it ?
This is just a short update to let you all know that I am preoccupied with nursing my baby back to good health after being diagnosed with (the painful) Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease over the weekend. This is just a week after she was hospitalized for two nights due to an episode of febrile fit. :””””””'(

I’ve  really got my hands full right now, poor baby has been in tremendous pain and hasn’t been eating because of the ulcers in her mouth.

Please pray for her speedy recovery.

Thanks all.


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2 Comments on from febrile fits to painful sores.

  1. oh dear khayla… aunty dina and ZA wishing u a speedy recovery. and to u mel, be strong for ur darling sweetie. insyaAllah she will be in the pink of health in no time… ameen… miss ur posts about sweet khayla!

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