I do not know why I have been really easily worn out these past few days.

I have been wanting to blog but I just could not bring myself to purge mind contents out.

I am probably just recovering from the past two hectic weekends that I had.

Ok so I am aware this is wayyy overdue, but Happy Year of the Tiger everyone !
Roaring health and wealth this year for all of us, perhaps ?
The brother was born in the year of the tiger. 🙂
For us here in Terengganu, we had Friday until Monday on that week, off. But I was on call on Sunday and Monday.
Daddy, Marc and Marlene reached our abode on Saturday evening. They took almost 9 hours to get here.
I cooked up a simple meal for dinner that night, then we took a drive to Kuala Terengganu to show the three of them how the city looks like at night.

The truth is the brother and sister had planned to go to the dentist there, I’ve called the clinic up earlier in the day to check whether they’d still be open that night since it was Chinese New Year eve already. The lady I spoke to told me they will only be closed on the firsat and second day of Chinese New Year only.

So after a 45 minute drive, we arrived at the clinic only to see it’s shutters closed.
There was an A4-sized paper paper stuck to it, and on it was written “Kami tutup bermula malam ini (13/02/2010) sehingga hari Selasa (16/02/2010). Harap maklum.”

Whatttttttt !@%*&$*&###%#@!%&(* ?????!!

I was so angry and disappointed. I really wanted Marlene and Marc to get their teeth checked and clean there because it’s much cheaper back in KL. 🙁

Tak ada rezeki lah kan.

We drove by the Pasar Payang area and they were selling durians ! Personally I am not a durian fanatic but the rest of my family (hubby included) are. So we stopped and bought what we were told were D24 durians.
Back home we realized that we were conned.
They were not D24 durians, did not taste that good and some of them were even rotten !
I felt like driving by that place again and throwing them back at the idiot seller.

Argh, tak ada rezeki lagi lah kan.

The following day after work, we drove to Kenyir lake ! I remember going there when Mummy was still around when I was little. I was not very little as I remember tasting tapai for the first time while we were there, and swore it would be the first and last time I would consume such a foul-tasting thing. Hehe.
Daddy was eager to get there just for the sake of reminiscing the good old times.

The fanatics.
 The superhero and her sidekick. No prize for guessing which is which.
“You ain’t got the pose,” the sister claimed. *rolls eyes*

We rented a boat to take us around the lake.
We also had the option to rent one which stops at a waterfall and the herb island they have there but since none of us brought extra clothing or even a towel, we had to go for the first option.
Probably next time.


On the second day of Chinese New Year, we attended a wedding kenduri in Dungun. It was the wedding of an old friend of Daddy’s son. We arrived quite late in the afternoon because we had to leave after I got off work and the journey took almost an hour.

After filling up our tummies, hubby bubbly took us to Teluk Bidara beach.
The beach was so clean and beautiful !

It was so good to just sit and enjoy the breeze and scenery.

The VVIMs.

Ok so of course we did not just sit.

We shamelessly stripped into our boxers !

We unleashed our inner monkey-ity !


We even gave it a go at being Hindustani actors !

Et cetera et cetera et cetera. :))

On the way back to Kuala Berang, we stopped at this placed called Kelulut because hubby bubbly was eager for us to try air nira and have some keropok lekor and coconut water to cool our throats.

No offence to anyone, but air nira smells AND tastes like fart.
I know you might be wondering whether I have tasted fart before. No I have not and I don’t think that’s even possible.
But if fart had a taste I know it would be air nira.

 See that bottle on the right ? That’s air nira.

Hubby bubbly told us that some people mix the air nira with their coconut water. See, because it does not taste good on its own. But after tasting it, there was no way I was pouring it into my yummy coconut water.
Hubby bubbly did not seem to have any complaints about it.
Mungkin orang yang suka kentut suka kot ?
Hahaha, forgive me sayang, gurau je  ! Ampunnnn. 🙂

Nevertheless, the keropok lekor was delicious ! There were people queuing until outside the shop to buy them.
Daddy, Marc and Lene headed back home last Tuesday. 🙁

Last Thursday after work, hubby bubbly took me to Kuantan to watch Valentine’s Day !
We spent a night at a 3-star hotel named LA Hotel.
I made reservations for Vistana, Kuantan but after considering we were only going to spend a few hours in the room to sleep, we figured we should not waste money.
But the room was lousy even for the RM105 we had to fork out.

I should have taken pictures of the fan they put in the room because the air cond was faulty. It was a super small fan, even my head would not have been cooled off by it.
And there was also the faulty bathroom sink faucet which could not be turned off. Water was splashing all over the place. When hubby bubbly called them up to let them know, the lady actually said, “Oh, paip itu memang macam itu, biar lah Encik.”
The both of us had a good laugh about the whole situation. :p
It was probably just our luck, I do not think all of their rooms are like that. At least I hope not.

We drove back the next day, after breakfast at McDonald’s Teluk Chempedak, a stroll on the beach and DVD shopping. 🙂

As soon as we got back I had to get in front of my laptop to finish work that was due last Sunday.
I still have aches from sitting and staring at Microsoft Excel’s sheets, rows and columns for two days straight.
Hubby bubbly was such a darling. He prepared breakfast and a late lunch and helped me with the laundry on that Sunday. :))

Phew, I just realized this is a really long post.

I just received sad, sad news.
Will blog about it tomorrow I think.



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