This week has been pretty crappy.

I had all these questions which I had no answers to.
I had anger and vengeance all bottled up in me.
I even snapped at a co-worker.
That’s not like me.

I was am not happy.
And it was tough faking smiles every day.

I received a remark that implied as if my marriage is BORING because we don’t have kids of our own yet.
I happen to believe that my married life is a-okay (Alhamdulillah), but it’s those kind of idiotic comments that sometimes make this brain of mine wonder whether there IS something not right.
I seriously do not get people who like to poke their noses into other people’s private business.
Don’t they believe in God ?

I also received a remark that I have gained weight and my behind is all jiggly.
So ?
In the first place, why the hell are you staring at my behind ??
Secondly, my husband happens love every jiggly part of me so if you’ve got a problem with it, I suggest you solve it yourself.

I have been laughed at TWICE (by two different persons) for apparently trying to speak in Terengganu dialect.
Go kill yourselves lah ok.
I do not laugh at you people when you make stupid simple grammar mistakes, right ?
“Just now I was sleepy, now I was not sleepy.”
What’s that ?
And the last thing I want to do here is to try to speak the way you do.

I hate being bossed around by someone who’s not even my boss.
I have always believed that there are proper ways to speak to people regardless of their status. They did not come up with the word “please” for nothing you know.
And there’s something they call manners. Look it up.
If you can change, people would stop talking behind your back.

A friend of mine confided in me about her marital problems.
It moved me because I was brought back to what happened to me in my previous relationship (not with Heikal). The circumstances were similar except that in hers, no serious cheating had taken place. Yet.
I don’t know why I am still lugging around those emotions with me now.

I despise people who think that I am making a gazillion worth of money.
“Eleh, baru RM500, kan ada lagi RM3000 gaji tu.”
Oh really ? I wished you knew that I still have my dad, my brother, and my sister to support ?
I also have a car and personal loan to pay off, and myself to support.
The stupidity does not stop there, they can even go on to say, ” Ala, suami kan ada gaji banyak juga.”
OMG can you people please stop being ridiculous ??
He also still has to provide for his parents and siblings. And of course, he has other responsibilities and commitments. And I am not the type of wife who would simply ask for cash without valid reasons.
So, if I say I do not want to buy this and that because they’re expensive, I would like you to shut the f*** up.

I hate it here.



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8 Comments on fake and cheats.

  1. Yeah. Shove it in their faces.

    And which idiotic lame-ass said “now i was not sleepy?”
    Oh yes, the one who passes her share of work around while she surfs the net and blogs?
    Yep, the idiotic lame-ass deserves to die. Irresponsible bitch.

    Ooppps. Was that too much? Wait, I don’t really care. Hahahaha.

  2. lupakan saja all those cakap2 murahan… dengki la tue… tgk korang happy…comel…bijak… mesti la ada yg dengki… mmg it’s hard… kita cuba x nak fikir…tp then kene fikir gak coz they sooo damm annoying..yg penting mr husband ok & our family always with us…

    take care dear..

  3. just ignore them kak mel..its ur life and as long as u r happy with it and doing all ur responsibilities,that’s enuff.they have no clue about ur life so they dont get to judge u..

  4. babe, just forget about them..mmg ramai org macam tu kat dunia ni….so kalu semua pun nak layan..nanti kita yang susah..kita banyak2 berdoa and bersabar je..k?

    lots of love!~


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