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I have been at the Emergency Department since 10 p.m. yesterday.
This would be my first time on the night shift.
So far, it has not been that bad. I guess. Although, I did bug Nor like a million times before midnight to check on this and that. *blushes*
I have been anxious about the queries that doctors would bombard me with, so every single time the phone rang, my heart would feel as if it was gonna go into cardiac arrest.
What’s interesting is, I received four calls altogether so far, one of which was a call from a Staff Nurse requesting Simvastatin for a patient. We do not usually entertain orders from wards after 8 p.m., but since I’m nice (haha), I agreed to prepare the order. Do take note that after 8 p.m. there would be no Pharmacy Assistants, so we would have to go down to the Ward Supply to fill in the medications ourselves.
Scary OK.
Oh yeah, the other three calls were from two of the Medical Assistants here, wanting to get to know me. *puzzled*

I have another 1 and a half hours to go.
Please, may it be hassle-free. Aamin !

My tummy’s grumbling, I can smell Nasi Lemak. Ooooh, yummy !
Which is funny because I am having a blocked nose. I am shivering in here OK.
There is no Clarinase or Clarityne in this side of the pharmacy so I have to refrain myself from taking Piriton or Actifed unless I wanna drift away into slumberland, on the counter.

Mr. Sunshine accompanied me until 3 a.m just now.
We spoke on the phone when there were no patients.
Poor him, as I would immediately hang up without any warning if a patient suddenly appears. I would call him back after that lah kan.
After Aidiladha, he is gonna be in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu for 3 and a half months.
That’s like 2 hours away from where he is now.

It’s confirmed.
I would be in the Tanglin Health Clinic for two months starting next Tuesday.
So, I’d be commuting from Gombak, home sweet home.
Only now I am realizing the importance of owning a car (and knowing how to drive).
I am planning to buy a car, any thoughts on that ?

OK people, wish me luck !


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