Mr Sunshine’s on his way to Kelantan and will only be back on Wednesday. InshaAllah.
This house is all mine for the next two nights.

I’m alright. So far.
Work keeps me busy, and by the time I get back from work I’m usually so worn out, the only thing that I can think of is getting to bed.
Lately, I have been pretty swamped with tasks to complete at work that I sometimes have to bring my work back home. Hmm.

Last Saturday after I was done at work, Mr Sunshine and I decided to go to Mesra Mall, Kerteh to check out the newly opened TGV cinema.
We watched Magika because there was nothing else to watch. Hehe. But the movie was not too bad lah. 🙂
Since the place was new, we had no complaints. We sat through the entire movie with smell of new furniture around us.
Here’s Mr Sunshine with his cute Shin Chan pose in front of the cinema.

As you can see, he was not too happy about being forced to pose in public like that. Hehehe.

I am so inspired by a fellow blogger, Su’s weight loss success. I am so round (and flabby) right now, it’s not even funny anymore. I wish I had as much determination as Su has !
I am such a sloth.
If I don’t watch it, sooner or later none of my clothes would fit me. I do not want to look in the mirror and not recognize the person I see.

Apart from work (loads of drama happening there but I am not in the mood to elaborate), my life’s pretty uninteresting in a good way. Get what I mean ?


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