I’m working the WP 3 shift this month, which means I clock in at 0830 hours and clock out at 1730 hours.
I love the clocking in late part but I am not particularly happy about clocking out late. Hehe.
I wonder if I can trick them to let me have a half an hour break and let me go home at 1700 hours. Haha.

Mr Sunshine is on his way to Perhentian Island.
He’d be staying there for a night, which leaves me all alone at night again. Sigh.
The last time he left wasn’t that bad, but what bums me out is him going to Perhentian !
I am aware that it’s a work trip, but the inspections won’t take the whole day, right ?
Not fair !

Have fun Yayang ! ;D

I am a bit disappointed with a certain someone.
You can say that we’re kinda close, but the thing is I do not see any effort on her side to maintain whatever that’s left of the friendship we have.
I am not expecting calls or messages every week but even once a month would suffice. I would be happy even with a message on Facebook. You get what I mean ?
Why should I always be the one initiating communication ?
Recently I tried getting in touch with her, but she told me she was busy and would get back to me as soon as she got back home. That was a week ago.
But I should have seen it coming.
It has always been like this.

Dear you, you know we’ve been through the whole I-won’t-be-in-touch-until-I-feel-like-I-need-you phase a few times now. I love you but it’s getting a bit tiring. Seriously.
Tawar hati lah.

I am fasting today as I have a few more days of fasts to make up.
I managed to fast the whole first week of Rejab, Alhamdulillah, before Aunt Flo came to visit.
I have absolutely no idea what to have this evening when I break my fast. I get lazy to cook when I am alone.
I am lazy even when Mr Sunshine’s around too actually but the feeling gets more intense he’s not. Hehe.

I feel a headache coming on.
There’s still time to lie down, yay !

Have a good week everyone ! ;D


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  1. Kak Melissa! I miss you! I’m leaving soon will text you personally alright. Aaaaand please don’t be mad I changed my blog AGAIN !

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