Currently feeling: Annoyed
Currently listening to: Nothing

Daddy has to go for his routine blood test at IJN tomorrow morning.
I hope everything turns out well.

I have been watching DVDs/CDs like a freak.
From Monster In Law to Alfie to Transformers.
I have License To Wed on my lappie and I intend to watch that too, soon.

I did 30 minutes of dance.
That should be enough, for starters.
I need to curb this appetite of mine.
I’ve gotten so used to eating that this shivering hunger state is kinda hard to adapt to.
As at now I’m hungry and craving boiled sausages.
I’m sure I’ll be fine in a few days/weeks.

Remember I told you that you annoy me sometimes ?
This is one of those times.
Silence is better. Words can hurt.
But then again, in this situation, silence can hurt too.


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