Khayla can crawl now, Alhamdulillah and she’s perfecting her crawl by exploring the whole house,getting under chairs/tables and even over stools ! Sometimes she just crawls with one leg and drags the other. Haha.
My baby can pull herself up from sitting to standing position (with support), and that’s usually the first thing she would usually do when she wakes up, climb all over me even when she’s all groggy.
She simply loves to stand while holding on to anything, and would sometimes just let go expecting to remain in the same position. She has to be watched over all the time. A couple of days ago, she actually stood on her own and walked a couple of steps !

Cruising all over the house.

She loves playing Peek-a-Boo with everyone at home. She gets so excited ! She can mimic some of our gestures when we’re playing with her and laugh while she’s at it.

She ‘talks’ quite a lot too. No specific words yet, she just mumbles, she even mumbles when she cries like she’s venting. Hehe.
And like I’ve mentioned before, Khayla’s two bottom teeth are sprouting. 🙂

“Can you see my teeth ?”

Khayla is solely on formula milk now. I’ll elaborate on that in another post. 
Ok, bye !


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