My baby girl is 4 months old already ! Alhamdulillah, and MashaAllah she never fails to amaze me everyday. Khayla currently weighs 6.3 kgs, Alhamdulillah.

She can hold her head up pretty steadily now, and she tends to turn her head to the right, left, up and down to look at EVERYTHING, hence carrying her is a bit of a challenge these days. She’s such a curious little baby !

She’s also very easily distracted, she would turn to look the second she hears a sound or sees light. And because of that, breastfeeding is not so easy anymore. She can already use her hands to grasp things and she’s putting that to full use by grabbing anything that’s in her sight (including my hair, ouch !). She seems to be enjoying putting things into her mouth too.

She would beg (read: cry) for us to carry her around the house when she’s bored of lying and rolling on her mattress. Yes, she can roll over from lying on her back to the front too, but that talent still needs a little brushing up. Hehe. She almost gave me a heart attack when she rolled off her mattress onto the carpet yesterday morning !

During the past month, she has stopped taking long naps during the day, like she used to. Even when she’s in her cradle – she would have 30 to 45-minutes naps, 3 to 4 times a day. But Alhamdulillah she goes to bed earlier these days, around 2300 hours to midnight, and wakes up once or twice for milk.

She gets tickled when we make funny noises or blow at her tummy and neck. But she’s also an expert at staring blankly at us when we try to make her smile/laugh. We call that look the “Whatever!” or “That’s not funny, Mummy/Ayah!” look, which looks something like the photo below. Hehe.

I think that’s about it for this month’s update, I can’t wait to discover other surprises Dian Khayla has for Mr. Sunshine and I. :))


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4 Comments on dian khayla – 4 months progress report

  1. Switakon: Hee, thanks kakak ! She lights up my days !

    Mel: Hehehe. I feel so blessed ! 🙂

    Rodhiah: Hahaha, thanks Cunoor for the cat ! Will definitely miss all of you. Sobs !

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