Khayla has evolved into a crybaby, since she turned 3 months. A real crybaby ! As you can read in my previous post, even the babysitter has trouble with her excessive crying. Her usual daily sleep time is around 12 to 1 am, and to put her to sleep is a constant struggle. She would cry and cry in between feedings (and some chit chat) for about 3 hours until she falls asleep. We’ve tried everything; rubbing her tummy with oil, rocking her, changing her diaper, walking around the house while carrying her, patting her to sleep etc etc; but she would just keep on crying until she decides she’s sleepy enough to go to bed.
Mr. Sunshine and I even brought her to a man who claims he can help by reading Quranic verses to her. But so far, there’s no change. It’s worrying.
Some people tell me that she’s just the type who loves to cry and it will (hopefully) get better as she gets older.
It can get pretty stressful for both Mr. Sunshine and I especially when we’re sleep deprived and tired from work, but we’re taking it one day at a time. InshaAllah. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear ! 🙂

Mr. Sunshine shaved her head a month ago. This was how she looked like then.

This is how her head looks like now.

No big difference but her hair is growing, slowly. Hehe.

She can hold her head up for longer periods now, and ‘talk’ and laugh while she does so (if she’s in a good mood).

She does not cry that much anymore when getting dressed. I guess she finally figured out she can’t get away from it, hehe. 🙂

She also enjoys sucking her hands at times. I used to think she was hungry but she would refuse milk, so I’m guessing she just enjoy sucking on them. Oh, and Alhamdulillah, Khayla is still fully breastfed. 🙂

When she’s not crying, hehe, we can leave her on her mattress and she would entertain herself with the telly, laugh at the fan and talk to her dangling toys. 🙂
She would turn to look whenever we call out her name.

She only gained 500grams in the past month, so she is currently weighing 5.9kgs. As long as she’s healthy and not losing weight, I’m happy. 🙂
In the past week I’ve noticed that she doesn’t sleep as long as she used to when put in her cradle. Not too sure whether that trait’s here to stay.

Khayla’s currently down with runny nose. Poor baby, she had so much trouble falling asleep last night. 🙁
She finally dozed off at 0330 hours.

Pray she gets better soon, ok ? Bye !


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11 Comments on dian khayla – 3 months progress report

  1. mel,tgk khayla botak mcm rayyan versi perempuan,comel sgt khayla!even my hubby pn geram tgk,hehe!anyway,progress khayla just sama like my son,suka hisap jari,suka tengok kipas,and his weight also 5.9kg!

    khayla xmo nangis2 k,be a good girl to mummy and daddy ya!kisses from aunty yun!muahh! =)

  2. hi dear..

    hurmm.. some babies mmg jenis suka nangis. As far as i can recall, hamza pon sama.. but i was lucky coz his carer was my mother.. dia mmg meraung on top of his lungs everytime nak tido.. mmg stress but it’ll pass.. and really there’s nothing to worry about..

  3. Mel: Really ? Most of the people are saying that she looks more like her Ayah ! Hehehe.

    Felicia: Hahaha, following in her Mummy’s footsteps ! Hah !

    Yun: Heee Rayyan versi perempuan ? Hehehe nasib baik Rayyan comel ! Hehehe. Thanks Mummy Yun ! 😀

  4. Afra: I’m still adjusting to her crying sessions. On good days, I can stay positive and remind myself that she’s a baby and babies cry. But there are some moments when I feel like I’m a hopeless mother for not being able to comfort my own baby ! I guess that’s part & parcel of being a parent. Thanks dear ! 🙂

  5. oloorrr… schweettttttt… even though boo-tuck! eheh… no worries dear.. crying baby is normal! thing is we are the ‘lucky’ ones who experienced it and others just don’t.. hehe.. so, hang in there… it will go off sooner than u think when the baby gets older… i promise! ehhe

  6. Leonora: Hehe, I hope this crying phase ends soon, if not Mummy pun will develop her own crying phase jugak ! Hehe. 🙂 Thanks dear !

    Emma: Ameen, ameen. Thanks Emma ! 😉

    Mummy Khayla: Awww, bestnya our babies nama sama !! Thanks for dropping by ! 🙂

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