Khayla now weighs a whopping 5.4 kgs.

She didn’t get her immunization shots during her 2 months check up because the vaccines were out of stock. The clinic’s gonna give us a call when they’ve replenished their stocks. I’m still thinking whether it’s necessary to bring Khayla to a private clinic to get jabbed.

These days, we get a lot of gurgling, cooing, ooohs and aaahhhs from her along with lots of smiles and if we’re lucky we can get a cute laugh out of her.

She can lift her head up for short periods while she’s lying on her tummy.

I’ve also noticed that she can stay focused on objects and people (and the telly !) for a longer extent of time.

She still enjoys her bath time and still wails when we try to get her dressed no matter how hard we try to distract her.
Alhamdulillah, she’s still fully breastfed, and I am (very, VERY) slowly stocking my freezer up with my EBM.

Mr. Sunshine and I have decided to get her an electric cradle. Khayla sleeps better and longer in the cradle during the day which has resulted in her being less cranky and fussy, Alhamdulillah. Not to mention, more time for me to catch up on much needed sleep, complete house chores, express milk, and eat at a slower pace to avoid indigestion. Hehe.
However, I don’t use the cradle to put her to sleep at night, and if I do put her in it during the day, it’s only when she’s almost asleep, just to give the nudge she needs to sleep soundly.
I don’t want her to depend on the cradle to fall asleep.

We have also tried giving her an orthodontic pacifier to calm her at times. She refused to suck on it the first few times, but is slowly getting used to it. 
I know some parents would be against the idea of giving their child a pacifier, but I also know a number of parents who have successfully raised their children while using a pacifier with no problems at all. Plus, it’s not like she’s sucking on it 24 hours a day, and I would always offer her my breasts first. 🙂
Everything has their advantages and disadvantages. What’s best for one baby might not be suitable for another.

I can’t believe it has been 2 months already ! Alhamdulillah. 🙂


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6 Comments on dian khayla – 2 months progress report

  1. what’s wrong with pacifiers uh, actually? does it hinder the development of teeth or something? i loved mine as a toddler and my mom would try in vain to get me off it. i still remember having to sneak away to my grandparents’ room for my own secret paci.

  2. Mel!!! chubby nyaaa Khayla!!! Aydan wants to be Khayla’s boyfriend! hehe… btw Aydan hates it when we try to dress hip up after bathtime. i think babies in general juz love being ‘nude’.. reminds them of being in the womb i guess hehe

  3. Amelyn: Hee Alhamdulillah, dia nak ikut jd bulat mcm Mummy dia. :p

    Mel: Yeah, that’s what people keep telling me, pacifiers will make teeth become ‘jongang’ and make baby’s lips Angelina Jolie-like. Hehehe, really ? And your teeth are fine ! 😀

    Switakon: Hahaha it’s ok, I have come to terms with the fact that she looks so much like her Ayah. Sejuk orang kata. 😀

    Felicia: Thanks darling ! Hugs !

    Dina: Hahaha, ok boleh, nanti we double date ok ? You+me, Aydan+Khayla. Hehe. I guess that can be true eh, babies enjoy being nude, makes sense ! Hehe.

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