I am sick but I feel like I need to be out there doing something !
Like checking out (and booking !) pelamins maybe ?
Among my favourites:

From Rinssuzana.

Both from Weddings Galore

From Arma Wedding Couture.

*heart flutters*
Budget budget budget. 🙁

Melissa R.

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5 Comments on dais.

  1. salam..hi there.

    stumbled upon your blog.

    btw, the 2 dais is beautiful! I love damask.but pelamin like these could cost a bomb.hope you find the right one, for your pocket and to your liking 🙂

    happy preparing!

  2. Aida: Kan. 🙂
    Sedapp ! And they look sangat sweet and lovely. Have u seen my hantaran cuppies ?

    Yunayuni: Thanks for dropping by ! 🙂
    Yeah I know they would most probably burn a huge hole in my pocket. Am still scouting, thanks a lot !
    Oh, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding ! 🙂

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