Everything ran smoothly as planned.
It’s not easy planning your wedding on your own you know.
Coming from a small family, I had a handful of people to help out the night before.
Lene, Marc, Akey, Sal and Linn, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. 🙂

The whole occasion was not an extravagant one, but I am happy with how it went. 🙂
Ok, while Mr Sunshine is out for Friday prayers I shall try to summarize who and who were responsible for what. Hehe.

Firstly, both my baju kurung for my akad nikah and my reception dress were from First Impression, Jalan TAR. The place is just opposite SOGO. You would not miss it. I highly recommend this place if any of you have been looking for THE dress, whether you want to rent or buy it. I had mine tailored the way I wanted it, simple sahaja. Hee. If you choose to rent the dress like I did, it will come with the accessories and custom made shoes. 🙂

 Just to let you see how my dress looked like sans hand bouquet. :p
 The trail.
The veil, cantik tak ? 😀

My hantaran.
Everything was decorated by Sal. On her own. 🙂

I think I looked a bit orangey on my akad nikah. But overall, I think Lya did a fantastic job judging from the good comments I received from all of you. Hehe.
Give her a call you guys, she won’t disappoint.
See photos above for proof. 😀

I received a number of comments about the food being delicious !
I could not agree more, even though we only had like a couple of spoonfuls during the night. Food was provided by Mutiara Catering.
I took the package which included food (both for guests and us), tables, chairs and table sheets, the deco for the meja pengantin, and a three tiered cake ! Everything was definitely worth it. 🙂

The meja pengantin.
The cake.

My pelamin (and bantal nikah) was from Weddings Galore. It was a pleasure working with Julie. And I think my pelamin was lovely ! Haha biarlah perasan pun. :p


Wedding cards were from Kanda Dinda. 🙂

I gave out chocolate muffins as my doorgifts. All ordered from Camomile Taste.

My hantaran cake was from here as well. 🙂

I hope I did not leave anything out.
I need to go take a shower now. :p
Bye !

Melissa R.

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  1. heyy! u look gorgeous babe! and everything looked good judging from the pics! i had my kain ela for solemnization from first impression too, but mine was tailored somewhere cheaper in Kedah. hehe. congrats again ya… and sorry i cudnt attend that day, was in Muar. May both of us be blessed with more good things in this new chapter of life!

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