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Daddy, Marc and I were at Aunty Zainon’s place for her open house this afternoon.
I stuffed myself with all the cookies I could. I feel a sore throat coming.
Then I had Nasi Lemak (with fried chicken) Marlene brought back from her friend’s open house.
I am slowly ballooning back.

Two weeks have passed.
Another 50 weeks to go.
I was a total wreck last week.
Last Thursday I was so exhausted by the time I got back, that I couldn’t even bring myself to have dinner (my only usual meal I have) and even open my mouth to talk.
But I could still cry. Haha.
I’m thinking work isn’t too bad. *chokes*
Maybe it’ll just take some time for me to adapt to this new (stressful) environment.
I get headaches every single day. I am not exaggerating.
I am starting to worry about the amount of Paracetamol I am taking.
Maybe it’s the travelling that is wearing me out and making me all stressed out and cranky.
We’ll see how next month goes, if this cranky version of me (I feel so sorry for Mr. Sunshine for having to deal with my incessant whining and sobbing) is still around, then I am really not cut out to be working in this line.

Double sigh.

But I pray that HE gives me the strength and patience to at least get through this one year. Aamin.

I need a new white coat.
A new one that is not oversized and doesn’t get all crumply 5 seconds after ironing.

Mr. Sunshine is thinking of taking next Sunday off to go back to his hometown.
However shitty I feel nowadays, I am still fortunate and grateful that my family isn’t 8 hours away unlike his.
Poor him.
I miss him so badly I just wished I had a private jet to bring me to him every day. OK, OK, every week lah.
We don’t get to talk that often on weekdays, because I am too worn out to carry even a short conversation.
Even if we do get to talk, it will be me crying and not saying much. Crazy, I know.
I won’t be seeing him until Eizera’s wedding and that’s like a month away from now.

My convocation would be on the 26th of next month.
Which reminds me, I still haven’t paid my convocation fee.
Hajar and I are planning to take the two days prior to that day off, instead of just one day. Boleh ke tak boleh, nak cuti jugak !
I hope we will be allowed to do so.

I have been getting wedding invitation cards in my mailbox every week.
Hanif’s, Fira’s and Eizera’s. I plan to attend all three of their weddings. Ambil berkat. Aamin. Haha.
One of my ex boyfriends (of 1 week) during high school got hitched last week.
What if I told you people it will be my turn in less than a year’s time (InsyaAllah, Aamin) ?

I hope we get paid this month.
There is a probability that we won’t, but I hope we do.
There’s so many things I need (read: need, not want) to do that need cash.
I am so broke it’s not even funny.

Boy, I so love Saturdays.

Oh shit, I forgot to dry out my clothes I washed this morning.


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