Looks like I won’t be making my way back to Gombak alone this month after all. πŸ™
After much deliberation, both Mr Sunshine and I have decided that it’s best for me to stay put rather than trouble anyone here or there to pick me up and drive me here and there.
We also need to cut back a bit on the expenses this month as both cars are due for service.

It’s kinda depressing but it’s for the best, I guess.
I really really honestly miss my friends. πŸ™
We will be going back at the end of the month (InshaAllah) to attend a mutual friend’s wedding.

The Clinical Pharmacist Documentation Workshop I attended last week has left me feeling rather stupid.
I do not think I am good enough to be a Clinical Pharmacist.
I can choose to console myself by thinking that it’s a learning process, but frankly speaking, I do not feel like I have it in me.
Depressing nya !
And this is just the effects of a documentation workshop.

Tomorrow I’d be attending a one-day Methadone Replacement Therapy Course.
I have been having this persistent pain on my right shoulder. It has been going on for more than a month now.
It’s perpetually painful, fluctuating in severity.
Today it was pretty bad. πŸ™
People at work keep telling me to get a massage and get it fixed before it worsens.
I keep hoping that I wake up one day and it will magically go away.
Foolish, but..
..I don’t know.

I’m feeling a bit lightheaded.
Good night.


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