I have ugly red spots scarcely spread all over my body.

It started a few days ago, and they’re slowly growing in number.
It’s gotta be the bed bugs from the comforter we’re sleeping on now.
Haha we’ve got a bed and a comfy mattress but we’re more comfortable sleeping in front of the telly every night.
After much whining from moi, Mr Sunshine sent the comforter to the laundry and dried our carpet out in the sun which only lasted for an hour.
It started raining while I was at work and while Mr Sunshine was at the car wash.
There goes the carpet. And he got the car washed for nothing.

Apart from itching all over my body, I am feeling slightly under the weather as well.
My head’s throbbing and I have been sneezing since morning.
I slept from the moment I got back from work around 1300 hours just now until almost 1700 hours. 
Postural hypotension is a familiar friend today. 🙁
I need to be well for work tomorrow !

Could these bed bugs be from the old furniture in this place ?

I’m gonna take a bath now.


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