Last Wednesday, the babysitter’s daughter sent me a text message asking me whether I knew that Khayla had teeth already ! She told me that Khayla’s bottom two middle teeth were emerging.

My baby is teething already !

I suspected as much because Khayla has been having restless sleep for the past couple of weeks. She would wake up, cry a bit, roll over and struggle to open her eyes because she’s still so sleepy. This would happen a few times throughout the night. I would have to pat her back to sleep every time. She has been drooling excessively too ! She wouldn’t miss a chance to gnaw on anything and everything.
Whenever I tried to check her gums, she would stick out her tongue and lick my fingers. I couldn’t see anything. A few days ago, she actually chewed on my finger and I felt something sharp, but she still wouldn’t let me check her gums. On Tuesday night, Linn claimed she saw something white on Khayla’s bottom gum but Khayla (as usual) stuck her tongue out when she tried to see what it was.

When I got back that Wednesday, I finally managed to get her to smile without her tongue sticking out and there they were, a small portion of a pair of teeth poking through her gums ! I was soooo excited (and emotional !).


Looks like I’ve gotta go get my baby a toothbrush. :’)


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2 Comments on choppers !

  1. Hee. Nanti Mummy snap photo, skrg tak nmpk sgt lg lah Auntie Yun ! 🙂

    Em, ada brush utk baby teeth. Smlm gi Manjaku ada Anakku toothbrush set utk dr teething smpai 2 yrs+. Masa teething, kita bleh rub2 dia nye gusi. Better ajar anak kita to brush their teeth dr kecik. 🙂

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