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Happy 23rd Birthday Feli !
May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve and many more birthdays to come !
Love you sayang !

Had lunch at TGIF, The Curve with my Gombak people yesterday.
The Curve always looks awesome during Christmas season.
Gan treated me to what he called a Graduation lunch. Thank you so much, dear.
Cheryl gave me my first taste of Dome’s Choc-A-Block Espreski which was absolute heaven. Thank you sayang. She insists that I should splurge on Godiva.

The outing was a pretty good pick-me-up.
I needed the hugs and laughs.
I especially needed the comforting words and advice.

You really need to know who you can really trust these days.

I predict a (very) hectic week ahead.
I start work at 7 tomorrow. Will be working the night shift (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) on Tuesday. I just hope there would be no freaky cases or TDM requests that night. *shivers*
I’d be working next weekend too.
I’d be off on Aidiladha though. I think.
I hope.

According to my schedule, I am supposed to be placed in a Health Clinic for two months starting the 6th of next month.
I still do not know whether that’s confirmed.

I have been sinfully stuffing myself with everything and anything edible since my convocation ended.
It’s like just because I do not have any occasions or outfit to fit myself into in the near future, I am allowed to indulge !

Work is so depressing.


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