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I had trouble getting some shut-eye last night.
One reason being the pain I was in in and another being I just wasn’t sleepy.
I watched When Harry Met Sally and hoped that Mr. Sunshine would wake up from his slumber to sweet talk me out of my misery. If you guessed he did not, then you’re right.
When I finally dozed off, I kept being waken up by the pain.
Can you blame me for being cranky ?
I am chicken AND sleep deprived !

My dentist just gave me a call.
He reassured me that things were gonna be okay in a couple of days and that it wouldn’t hurt during the removal of the stitches next Monday.
He owes me lunch if it did.
He was laughing while asking me whether I could exercise.
*straight face*
Can make fun some more !
You see the other day after the surgery I asked him, “So I can’t exercise lah ?”
And he went, “No, avoid exercising for this week. No vigorous movements that will increase blood flow which can lead to increased bleeding.”
He paused and continued, “But why do you want to exercise for ?”
Funny guy, eh ?
We all need exercise, doctor !
Don’t get me wrong, I love my dentist. Not LOVE love, just love.
He’s nice.

I just want my exercise.

Day three post dental surgery and Daddy says the swelling has reduced slightly.
I don’t see any difference.
I still feel like I’m chewing a small part of my cheek when I try to close my mouth.

Oh well, apart from all that dental drama, my life is pretty drama-less nowadays.
I do nothing except sleep, eat, exercise (pre-dental drama), go online, watch movies, read occasionally, and joke around with Daddy and Lene.
So, no other complaints.
*tries to smile*


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