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It finally rained today eh.

I had a lunch date at KLCC with Nanie today. We had Cordon Bleu at Secret Recipe.

The oh so talkative Nanie and I.

I was supposed to be on a so-called detox diet but I screwed that up last night when I had a bar of Cadbury.

I’ve been wanting to update on the happenings over the last weekend (and a few other things) but every time I sat down in front of my lappie (which is still having the same stupid screen problems albeit it’s motherboard being replaced, and guess what, the warranty just ended last week), all geared up to blog, my thoughts just gets sucked in. Or out. Whichever you prefer.

And here I am, giving it another try.

I spent my Friday night last week celebrating the July babies, Marlene, Trevor and Paul. Half of us had delicious sushi at Sakae Sushi while the others who arrived a bit later ate at Bavarian Bierhaus which is also where we sang Happy Birthday and shared cupcakes yang sedap. Cheryl couldn’t make it that night. I miss you lah ! Sigh.
Trevor, Barath and Gan took home some beer kegs. I honestly do not know what they were gonna do with them but they seemed pretty excited. Hehe.

Some candid photos from the night.

Those cupcakes (in the box on the table) were delicious.

My happy Gombak people.

Trevor, this was supposed to be candid. Marlene didn’t really enjoy her smoothie.

According to James, he looks weird here. Well, I beg to differ.
Now James, this is what we call weird.

I just had to post this one up. Feli darling, I sangat LOVE your hair OK.

Mr. Sunshine was here last weekend too.
So the family and I dragged him and Linn along for dinner at Koryowon. It was actually planned more than a month ago lah.

I love this shot !

This is where all of you should go “Awwww…”. Haha.

I had a happy (and tiring) Sunday with Mr. Sunshine.
We decided to take the LRT instead of driving to Pavilion.
I think we walked too much because my legs were really sore and I was sweating like hell.
While we were taking a break at Coffee Bean, and I had my handbag on my lap, my legs started feeling cold and wet. I figured I might have been sweating a lot more than I thought. But when I lifted my bag up, this is what I saw.

Here’s a close up.

Don’t go flagging my blog because of this photo please.

My bag was wet too and I found out that the bottle of mineral water in my bag had spilled. Luckily my camera was out of the bag. Yes my camera is my life. You can ask Mr. Sunshine on how angry I was and how he was forced to wash the camera strap he accidentally dipped in my Sizzling Mee gravy there and then.
I’m sorry for being such a pain, sayang.

But at the end of it all, this guy can sure put a huge smile on my face (and heart).

Marlene’s Physics tutor turned out to be my senior from school.

Daddy has been watching DVDs every day for the past one week. Every single day I tell you.

I have so many places that I wanna go.
Johor to meet Zana and Nanab. And maybe Mr. Sunshine’s family too.
Penang to meet Yamin. I promised her such a long time ago already.
But I am not exactly in a financially able condition to travel anywhere apart from shopping malls (to window shop, that is).
Oh sigh.

I have this blob of phlegm which is perpetually here in my throat.
It can get very annoying as I am not the type who spits phlegm (or anything else, well maybe except chewing gum) out.
So it’s just there, irritating my throat.

I managed to clear up my tonnes and tonnes of photos in my hard disk. 13 GB worth of photos to be exact.
Clearing up means that I have arranged them nicely in proper folders.
Something I should have probably done a year ago.
I found a few photos of the ex which I forgot to delete before.
And a whole bunch of photos while I was thin. I honestly do miss being thin.

Oh well, what’s important is that I am healthy (I think), breathing and able, right ?
I am not fat you know.
Haha. Trying hard to console myself here.

Now that wasn’t such a bad blogging attempt eh ?


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