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Akad Nikah@Solemnization

  1. Kursus Perkahwinan – Planning to attend in July, InsyaAllah
  2. HIV testing – I am a bit confused about how long the test is valid, is it 6 months or 3 ?
  3. Kebenaran berkahwin – Sounds sooo scary.
  4. Wedding rings
  5. Catering – need to estimate the number of family members who will be there. Planning to have a morning akad, followed by a simple light meal for guests.
  6. Kadi and witness – Will be discussing with Daddy.
  7. Hantaran
  8. Hantaran deco – DIY ! Sal has promised to help out with them. 🙂
  9. Nikah outfit, tudung and shoes – I have no idea where and who to send the cloths to.
  10. Make up – I want to try to get an affordable package along with my reception pelamin and outfit
  11. Photography – I have a few choices in mind.
  12. Bed & bedroom deco – Not planning to have a pelamin for my akad as we will be solemnized in a mosque, so a pengantin room would suffice. Not thinking of hiring anyone, I can do this myself. I think.

Reception (my side)

  1. Invitation cards
  2. Catering – Estimation number of guests needed.
  3. Hall
  4. Pelamin
  5. Dress and shoes
  6. Make up
  7. Bunga pahar
  8. Door gifts
  9. Photography
  10. Videography – Hmm. This can be omitted according to the budget.
  11. Corsages
  12. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man – Have not decided whether this is necessary.
  13. Cloth for Daddy, Marc and Marlene – This too.
  14. Kompang

Reception (his side)

  1. Catering & canopy– So far, his Dad said he’ll be taking care of this part of the ceremony
  2. Pelamin
  3. Dress and shoes
  4. Make up
  5. Door gifts
  6. Photography
  7. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man


  1. Expenses for relatives (fuel, accommodation) – Sobs. Bayar sendiri tak boleh ye ? Hee.
  2. Honeymoon – Will be thought about after sorting out other things. Even if we do go anywhere it would be within Malaysia. 🙂

I am on a mission to get all the above done within the budget we both have worked out. InsyaAllah. 🙂

Melissa R.

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