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  1. Kursus Perkahwinan – Am starting to feel a bit sad that we have not managed to attend this together yet. 🙁
  2. HIV testing – After Aidilfitri, InshaAllah.
  3. Kebenaran berkahwin – Mr Sunshine has taken his application form, will settle this part later.
  4. Wedding rings BOUGHT !
  5. Catering – Daddy will try to check with the Ustaz whether the mosque can provide this.
  6. Kadi and witness – Daddy has spoken to the Ustaz, hopefully things will go accordingly, Ameen.
  7. Hantaran – Nothing bought yet !
  8. Hantaran deco – DIY ! Sal has promised to help out with them. We have sort of decided on the theme !
  9. Nikah outfit, tudung and shoesNikah cloth sent to tailor.
  10. Make up – I want to try to get an affordable package along with my reception pelamin and outfit
  11. PhotographyBOOKED !
  12. Bed & bedroom deco

Reception (my side)

  1. Invitation cards
  2. Catering BOOKED !
  3. HallBOOKED !
  4. Pelamin
  5. Dress and shoes
  6. Make up
  7. Bunga pahar
  8. Door gifts – I think I know what I’m gonna give out as favours, nothing extravagant though. 🙂
  9. PhotographyBOOKED !
  10. Videography – Hmm. This can be omitted according to the budget.
  11. Corsages
  12. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man – Have not decided whether this is necessary.
  13. Cloth for Daddy, Marc and Marlene – This too.
  14. Kompang

Reception (his side)

  1. Catering & canopy– So far, his Dad said he’ll be taking care of this part of the ceremony
  2. Pelamin
  3. Dress and shoes
  4. Make up
  5. Door gifts
  6. Photography BOOKED !
  7. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man


  1. Expenses for relatives (fuel, accommodation) – Sobs. Bayar sendiri tak boleh ye ? Hee.
  2. Honeymoon – Will be thought about after sorting out other things. Even if we do go anywhere it would be within Malaysia. 🙂

Melissa R.

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