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tension head.

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What’s wrong with me?

Why do I feel like this?
I’m going crazy now
It’s a thief in the night
To come and grab you
It can creep up inside you
And consume you
A disease of the mind
It can control you
It’s too close for comfort

I was down with fever with cough and flu just before Deepavali. Oh, and a terrible persisting headache.
I mentioned to the doctor about my ongoing headaches and she told me it’s most probably just tension headache.
So I guess until I learn to relax and not to get all flustered every day at work, I would have to live with this silly aching head of mine.
*straight face*

A few delayed Raya pics coming along.
Syawal ended too soon lah, I didn’t get the chance to celebrate Raya with Annisa, Baby and a few other people like I wanted to.

Raya at Aunty Maziey’s.

This was after countless shots, under Aunty Maziey’s request. Hehe.

So when can we continue eating again ?

He wants to crash at my non existent Putrajaya pad.

I love Raya cookies. Oh wait, I just love cookies.

Uncle Phillip (Khaleed) and Uncle Francis.

My favourite. *smiles*

Told you.

At Batu Pahat after meeting his parents.

Raya at The Best Friend’s place.

The Pharmacy Department’s Raya celebration.

The PRPs.

Hanif’s simple yet sweet wedding.

My darling Stumpy. (My roots need touching up)

OK maybe ‘a few’ wasn’t the appropriate word to use. Haha.

I missed Deepavali at Barath’s, which was pretty disappointing as I always look forward to catching up with my Gombak people and indulging in yummylicious mutton curry (and sweet anything). Sobs.

I haven’t studied for the exam this coming Monday.
I am so gonna flunk it but as Mr. Sunshine puts it, “Buat apa beli buku mahal mahal if nak ambil exam sekali je ?”

I miss my Sunshine.
We haven’t seen each other for a month already !
Lama tak tatap gigi besar nya itu. *sad smile*

I’ll be in the Out Patient Department next month.
I just want this year to be over and done with as soon as possible.


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assistant head.

Currently feeling: Nauseated
Currently listening to: Nothing

On Monday, I was elected as the Assistant Head of the PRPs. Why they need an assistant head ? Beats me.

On Tuesday, my head did not hurt. It felt good. It was on that day too which I found out that the current tenant in the apartment I’m supposed to be moving into next month have decided not to move out. *straight face*

On Wednesday (today), our Pharmacy Department had a Jamuan Aidilfitri. I was responsible for preparing the drinks for the guests. Unfortunately, it was too sweet for their liking. *blushes*
Oh, my head did hurt.


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cranky spanky.

Currently feeling: Stuffed
Currently listening to: Nothing

Daddy, Marc and I were at Aunty Zainon’s place for her open house this afternoon.
I stuffed myself with all the cookies I could. I feel a sore throat coming.
Then I had Nasi Lemak (with fried chicken) Marlene brought back from her friend’s open house.
I am slowly ballooning back.

Two weeks have passed.
Another 50 weeks to go.
I was a total wreck last week.
Last Thursday I was so exhausted by the time I got back, that I couldn’t even bring myself to have dinner (my only usual meal I have) and even open my mouth to talk.
But I could still cry. Haha.
I’m thinking work isn’t too bad. *chokes*
Maybe it’ll just take some time for me to adapt to this new (stressful) environment.
I get headaches every single day. I am not exaggerating.
I am starting to worry about the amount of Paracetamol I am taking.
Maybe it’s the travelling that is wearing me out and making me all stressed out and cranky.
We’ll see how next month goes, if this cranky version of me (I feel so sorry for Mr. Sunshine for having to deal with my incessant whining and sobbing) is still around, then I am really not cut out to be working in this line.

Double sigh.

But I pray that HE gives me the strength and patience to at least get through this one year. Aamin.

I need a new white coat.
A new one that is not oversized and doesn’t get all crumply 5 seconds after ironing.

Mr. Sunshine is thinking of taking next Sunday off to go back to his hometown.
However shitty I feel nowadays, I am still fortunate and grateful that my family isn’t 8 hours away unlike his.
Poor him.
I miss him so badly I just wished I had a private jet to bring me to him every day. OK, OK, every week lah.
We don’t get to talk that often on weekdays, because I am too worn out to carry even a short conversation.
Even if we do get to talk, it will be me crying and not saying much. Crazy, I know.
I won’t be seeing him until Eizera’s wedding and that’s like a month away from now.

My convocation would be on the 26th of next month.
Which reminds me, I still haven’t paid my convocation fee.
Hajar and I are planning to take the two days prior to that day off, instead of just one day. Boleh ke tak boleh, nak cuti jugak !
I hope we will be allowed to do so.

I have been getting wedding invitation cards in my mailbox every week.
Hanif’s, Fira’s and Eizera’s. I plan to attend all three of their weddings. Ambil berkat. Aamin. Haha.
One of my ex boyfriends (of 1 week) during high school got hitched last week.
What if I told you people it will be my turn in less than a year’s time (InsyaAllah, Aamin) ?

I hope we get paid this month.
There is a probability that we won’t, but I hope we do.
There’s so many things I need (read: need, not want) to do that need cash.
I am so broke it’s not even funny.

Boy, I so love Saturdays.

Oh shit, I forgot to dry out my clothes I washed this morning.


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hello, D.I.S., may i help you ?

Currently feeling: Flabby
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Hi all.
As most of you already know, I reported for duty at Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan last Monday and got to know that I was to be doing my one year training at Hospital Putrajaya.
Even though it wasn’t such a big of a surprise, I received that confirmation news with mixed emotions.
Apart from the fact that I knew I had to travel quite a distance from home, the fact that the last time I was there, I didn’t quite like the impression the hospital left on me.
Just thinking about it made me all jittery and I almost wanted to cry and beg so that I was placed anywhere else besides there.
Oh sigh.

I wake up at 5 a.m every morning, leave the house at about 5.45 a.m to take the first LRT to Central Market where I would get on the Rapid KL bus to Putrajaya. Some of the Pharmacists suggested that I take the ERL but for the time being, I don’t think I can afford to fork out RM 30 everyday.
I take about 3 hours to get back home from work, due to the traffic, so by the time I do get back, all I feel like doing is sleeping and taking the rest of the week off.
Standing for 3 hours in the bus/LRT is not a laughing matter.

I might be moving in to a room in Putrajaya itself but only in November.
Until then, I guess I just have to endure the rough things.

I am in the Drug and Poison Information Service for this first month.
I officially started doing work last Thursday as the pharmacist in charge was on leave until yesterday. So, I had to sit in for her. I was extremely nervous.
I took too long to answer my first enquiry made by a staff nurse that when I got back to her, she had already checked with the medical officer.
I do more than answering enquiries. Basically I was the operator of the Pharmacy Department, transferring calls to whoever and jotting down messages.
There’s also lot of paperwork to do.

The other PRPs are OK.
I can say that we all are getting along pretty good so far.
There are 13 of us altogether, including the 3 from UIAM who started in August.
They’re also friends of a primary school friend of mine, Marjan, so that’s cool.

I would be sitting for my forensics exam on November 3.
I know I am gonna fail.

I should stop worrying too much.

Mr. Sunshine just got a place to stay in Kemaman. And also a fellow PRP (who reported for duty last Thursday).
I am so relieved that he has a friend now.
But he is still not too well.

I don’t think I am cut out to be a pharmacist.
I am stupid and slow.
And I am constantly in a state of distress, worrrying about not being able to be competent enough.

I dread going to work.

Darn it.

But I am glad it’s the weekend !


*UPDATE: This post was edited on Wednesday, October 22, 9:07 p.m. to avoid any future mishaps. *laughs*


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prp in hpj.

Currently feeling: Stuffed
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I am a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist in Hospital Putrajaya.

I am so nervous !

I had a real long day and I am extremely exhausted.

I am going to leave home at 5:45 a.m. for work tomorrow.

I am flabby.

I am missing my boyfriend who is down with fever and diarrhea all the way in Kemaman.


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Currently feeling: Sad
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My placement letter arrived today. Alhamdulillah.
I called up the Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur and I was told to report there on the 6th.
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to start working the very next day (or maybe that evening itself ?).
I’m trying very hard to relax and not think about me not having a place to stay and having no idea how to get to work, yet because I will only find out which hospital I’d be placed in on the 6th itself.
But that’s working life I guess.
I’d have to keep reminding myself to be grateful and to take things as they come.

The whole idea of starting work is scaring me a bit.
I believe I can remember more about what’s going on in Britney Spears’ life (as a result of being a very,very ardent reader of the online tabloids) than what dose of carbamazepine to give to an epileptic patient.

I have this real special ability to automatically and continuously place food in my mouth even when I am not hungry.
This ability annoys me at times.

I need a new weighing scale.


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kay ell.

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So I gave in to my curiosity, my friends were one by one telling me the states in which they’re posted to since yesterday and kept pestering me to call. I insisted that I wanted to wait for the official letter, or in other words, I was too lazy.
But this morning I picked up the phone and gave KKM a call.
I got to know that…

…I am posted in KL ! Alhamdulillah.
I am to report for duty at Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur on October 3rd. On that day too, they’d let me know the exact hospital I’d be working in for the next one year.
I’m not left with many choices, though. My friends who are placed in Hospital Kuala Lumpur were already told to report for duty there itself.
So I’m assuming I’m gonna be at either HUKM or PPUM.
Or Putrajaya, if they count it as in Kuala Lumpur lah. (I know it has its own Wilayah).
So yeah.
The sad news is, Mr Sunshine is posted to Terengganu.
*straight face*
He’s feeling pretty down about it. So am I !
*sad face*



OK lah wish me luck, people !
I’m going out for buka with Adam in awhile.


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u41 p1t4.

Currently feeling: Moody
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The SPA offer letter just arrived in my mailbox today.

Shall update later.


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