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don’t speak.

I’m working the WP 3 shift this month, which means I clock in at 0830 hours and clock out at 1730 hours.
I love the clocking in late part but I am not particularly happy about clocking out late. Hehe.
I wonder if I can trick them to let me have a half an hour break and let me go home at 1700 hours. Haha.

Mr Sunshine is on his way to Perhentian Island.
He’d be staying there for a night, which leaves me all alone at night again. Sigh.
The last time he left wasn’t that bad, but what bums me out is him going to Perhentian !
I am aware that it’s a work trip, but the inspections won’t take the whole day, right ?
Not fair !

Have fun Yayang ! ;D

I am a bit disappointed with a certain someone.
You can say that we’re kinda close, but the thing is I do not see any effort on her side to maintain whatever that’s left of the friendship we have.
I am not expecting calls or messages every week but even once a month would suffice. I would be happy even with a message on Facebook. You get what I mean ?
Why should I always be the one initiating communication ?
Recently I tried getting in touch with her, but she told me she was busy and would get back to me as soon as she got back home. That was a week ago.
But I should have seen it coming.
It has always been like this.

Dear you, you know we’ve been through the whole I-won’t-be-in-touch-until-I-feel-like-I-need-you phase a few times now. I love you but it’s getting a bit tiring. Seriously.
Tawar hati lah.

I am fasting today as I have a few more days of fasts to make up.
I managed to fast the whole first week of Rejab, Alhamdulillah, before Aunt Flo came to visit.
I have absolutely no idea what to have this evening when I break my fast. I get lazy to cook when I am alone.
I am lazy even when Mr Sunshine’s around too actually but the feeling gets more intense he’s not. Hehe.

I feel a headache coming on.
There’s still time to lie down, yay !

Have a good week everyone ! ;D


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comel lah sangat.

Di hospital ini, ada sesetengah kakak-kakak jururawat yang memanggil saya dengan nama comei. Ye, comei bukan comel. Saya assume mereka nak panggil saya comel. Ha ha ha.
Saya berikan beberapa contoh situasi.

Situasi 1: Ketika saya menelefon ke Wad Lelaki
Saya: Assalamualaikum, boleh saya bercakap dengan Kak Nano (bukan nama sebenar) ?
Kak Nano: Waalaikummussalam, Kak Nano ni.
Saya: Oh Kak Nano, Melissa ni.
Kak Nano: Ye comei, ada apa ?

Situasi 2: Ketika saya hendak mendapatkan rawatan di Unit Kecemasan
Saya: *muka pucat memegang perut*
Kak Zazo (bukan nama sebenar): Alahai comei, kenapa ni ?
Saya: Gastrik la Kak Zazo ! *muka sedih*

Saya tidaklah merasakan diri saya ini comel akan tetapi saya berterima kasih kepada kakak-kakak yang baik hati mendoakan saya. 🙂
Mudah-mudahan doa kakak-kakak semua dimakbulkan dan saya betul betul menjadi comel !
Mudah-mudahan nanti anak-anak saya pun mengikut kecomelan saya hasil doa kakak kakak semua.



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My menses is three days early and I have no idea why.
This does not normally happen to me.
Hello ovaries, are you okay ?
I’m a bit worried because it’s more like spotting and since I am certain that I am not pregnant, spotting before a period could be a sign of uterine fibroids or polyps, ovarian cysts or cervical or uterine cancer.
Mintak dijauhkan. Ameen. 🙁

As written in my previous entries, I have been unwell since Saturday.
I had to take the whole day off yesterday just to recharge.
Sleep is the best medicine.
I’m healthy and happy now. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Well except for the spotting. 🙁

I received my first pay from the hospital on Monday.
I have still been receiving my salary from JKWPKL since I left Hospital Putrajaya.
There’s a quite a difference between how much I have been receiving there and what I just received this month.
The Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is less here because it’s a district hospital.
I wonder whether they took into consideration that most of the things and food here are more expensive than in Kuala Terengganu when they reduced it.
And RM500 will be deducted from my pay until November to pay back the ‘extra’ money JKWPKL has been paying me all this while I have been here.
RM500 is a lot ok !
In a nutshell, I am more or less broke for the next six months. :'(

Marc had his convocation yesterday and it sucks that I could not be there. 🙁
I am so sad that I did not get to witness my little brother up on stage with his robe, receiving his degree scroll AND the Vice Chancellor’s Award ! 🙁
Awesome lah kau !

My best friend Sal (my beautiful hantaran maker) will be getting engaged this Saturday, InshaAllah.
After all that she has done for me for my engagement and wedding, I am a bit disappointed that I have not done a single thing for hers apart from calling her every now and then to check on her.
I am hoping to do the best I can to be there for her this weekend.


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fake and cheats.

This week has been pretty crappy.

I had all these questions which I had no answers to.
I had anger and vengeance all bottled up in me.
I even snapped at a co-worker.
That’s not like me.

I was am not happy.
And it was tough faking smiles every day.

I received a remark that implied as if my marriage is BORING because we don’t have kids of our own yet.
I happen to believe that my married life is a-okay (Alhamdulillah), but it’s those kind of idiotic comments that sometimes make this brain of mine wonder whether there IS something not right.
I seriously do not get people who like to poke their noses into other people’s private business.
Don’t they believe in God ?

I also received a remark that I have gained weight and my behind is all jiggly.
So ?
In the first place, why the hell are you staring at my behind ??
Secondly, my husband happens love every jiggly part of me so if you’ve got a problem with it, I suggest you solve it yourself.

I have been laughed at TWICE (by two different persons) for apparently trying to speak in Terengganu dialect.
Go kill yourselves lah ok.
I do not laugh at you people when you make stupid simple grammar mistakes, right ?
“Just now I was sleepy, now I was not sleepy.”
What’s that ?
And the last thing I want to do here is to try to speak the way you do.

I hate being bossed around by someone who’s not even my boss.
I have always believed that there are proper ways to speak to people regardless of their status. They did not come up with the word “please” for nothing you know.
And there’s something they call manners. Look it up.
If you can change, people would stop talking behind your back.

A friend of mine confided in me about her marital problems.
It moved me because I was brought back to what happened to me in my previous relationship (not with Heikal). The circumstances were similar except that in hers, no serious cheating had taken place. Yet.
I don’t know why I am still lugging around those emotions with me now.

I despise people who think that I am making a gazillion worth of money.
“Eleh, baru RM500, kan ada lagi RM3000 gaji tu.”
Oh really ? I wished you knew that I still have my dad, my brother, and my sister to support ?
I also have a car and personal loan to pay off, and myself to support.
The stupidity does not stop there, they can even go on to say, ” Ala, suami kan ada gaji banyak juga.”
OMG can you people please stop being ridiculous ??
He also still has to provide for his parents and siblings. And of course, he has other responsibilities and commitments. And I am not the type of wife who would simply ask for cash without valid reasons.
So, if I say I do not want to buy this and that because they’re expensive, I would like you to shut the f*** up.

I hate it here.



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my friends-filled weekend.

The weekend has finally arrived ! Alhamdulillah.

My Thursday started with me not feeling too good.
Woke up with a sore throat, a runny nose and a head that would not stop hurting.
While I was on my routine ward round, I was suffocating in the face mask I had to put on.
As our wards here are not air conditioned and the male ward I was in charge of was fully occupied, it got pretty stuffy and hot !
I occasionally felt like I was gonna pass out, but I held on tight to the patients’ beds and took deep breaths.
My head was spinning but I did not want another medical leave.
I think I chugged down more than 1.5 litres of water in the morning only.

So I dragged myself throughout the whole day at work today bearing in mind that it’s Thursday and I get to go back earlier than usual.

Here I am, at home,  and surprisingly feeling much better. Alhamdulillah.
It must have been due to the over consumption of water.

Mr Sunshine and I were back in Gombak last weekend.
We actually had a wedding to attend last Saturday but we couldn’t make it due to last minute changes in that day’s plans.
I must say my time was really well spent last weekend.

On Friday morning, it was breakfast with Diana at Old Town White Coffee Taman Melati.

We talked about everything from marriage to buying houses to babies. Happy times ! Hehe.
On top of that, she gave me a lovely pink ‘instant’ hijab for my birthday.
Absolutely loved the colour !
Thanks dear ! :))

Then it was just bumming at home, watching telly with Daddy. Pure bliss.
That night after the brother got back from work, we (Daddy, Marc, Mr Sunshine, Linn and I) rushed to One Utama to catch Iron Man 2 !
I know some of you might be thinking otherwise and say that you prefer the first installment. In the words of Cher Horowitz, “Whatever !” *cue hand gesture*
And I would definitely want to watch it again (if I am not living in this cinema-less Terengganu).

No family photos taken because we got there just in time and after the movie, I needed to pee so badly, snapping photos was the last thing on my mind.

On Saturday morning, I had breakfast with Annisa with McDonald’s at The Curve.

I received two tins of yummy Crabtree and Evelyn cookies from her ! White Chocolate and Rasperry cookies and All Butter Orange cookies.
They’re both super delicious, and finished. Hehe.
Thanks Ann ! 🙂
We hopped from McDonald’s to IKEA with hopes of sharing a plate of meatballs that I have been craving for. Much to our disappointment, they only start serving meatballs at 12 noon. 🙁
Ann was also pretty disappointed as she felt that her camera was not giving her good photos that morning, so we adjourned to Starbucks, Ikano Power Centre to snap some pretty shots.
We were at three places in two hours we were together ! Haha.

Then it was lunch with Mr Sunshine’s two sisters, Liyana and Syahieda.
McDonald’s again. This time in Shah Alam. Hehe.
That place has changed so much since the last time I was there, which was more than a year ago. Not bad.
After lunch, the four of us headed to Bukit Subang where Mr Sunshine’s aunt stayed for a visit.

The Curve was my next destination (again) after dropping off Mr Sunshine’s sisters.
This time it was to meet up with the Gombak Gang. :))
Honestly, I had mixed feelings about meeting up.
I was obviously very very very excited about seeing them after so long but there was also this silly fear of their reaction towards my new image.
I was nervous when Navin asked me, “How do we do this ?” because we usually kiss and hug each other whenever we meet.
But after that everything was alright, I was so touched that both Gan and him did not show any sense of them being uncomfortable with the fact that I cannot touch/hug/kiss them.
I knew I was stupid to even think about not being ‘accepted’.
These people are the people I have known for more than a decade, and we’re definitely not friends just because of how and what we look like.
I am doing what my religion commands me to, and I am sure all of them are mature enough to see that. 🙂
I am blessed to have these people in my life. 

We had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes, then dessert at The Chocolate Lounge. :))
Too bad Judith and Trevor could not make it that night, and I wished I could have stayed on longer. 🙁

And then, it was back to depressing (and hot) Kuala Berang.

Thank you Mr Sunshine for driving me here and there over the weekend.
You’re awesome, just like Tony Stark. Haha.

Both of us have some major spring cleaning to do this weekend.
When was it ever winter eh ? Hehe.
This house is a pigsty.
I hope I remain well tomorrow.

Oh, if you’re curious about me or if you have anything to say to/about me, you can voice them out here

Ok, bye !


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you’re a selfish piece of crap.

Dreadful with a capital D.
That was how today felt like.

I’m starting to have thoughts about getting out of here.


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farewell ina !

Photos from dinner last Tuesday and at the office on Thursday.

With the Strawberry cake Mr Sunshine and I got for her. 🙂

When Manchester United meets Chelsea.

The happy expecting couple. 😀


With the rest of my colleagues, the pharmacists. 
Kami Pegawai Farmasi U41 Hospital Hulu Terengganu. 🙂
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goodbye my friend, it’s not the end.

Yes, that’s a line from the Spice Girls’ song.

I’d be attending a two-day Ward Pharmacist (Clinical) Documentation Workshop in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu starting tomorrow.
I get to hitch a ride with Mr Sunshine. Yay !

The past two days have been hectic, felt as if I barely had time to breathe.
Banyak kerja !

Things were not so rosy in the emotions department too.
Some people kept pressing the wrong buttons, resulting in me being very cold and agitated.
I also got to know that one of my colleagues, Nur Amalina (affectionately called Ina), who I am close to is leaving this Thursday.
Going back to HUSM, Kelantan.
Which means she will no longer be working at the hospital. :””(

The only photo I have of Ina and I. 🙁

She and I had grown to be so close in the span of 5 months that I have been here.
Besides sharing secrets, gossips and heart to heart conversations, cracking silly jokes, we were always discussing about new cases, patients (read: work) and she is just always there whenever I needed a helping hand.
She lives in the unit just below me, and we go out together sometimes, she (and her hubby !) looks out for me whenever I am unwell and whenever Mr Sunshine’s not around.
Even the Pharmacy Assistants have told us we look like we’d make good best friends.
I’d definitely be missing the presence of such a good, trustworthy, kind-hearted, sweet and funny friend and co-worker !

This is sad.
And of course I cried. I still can cry now, if you want me to. :p
But I am definitely happy for her.
I wish nothing but the best for her future, especially for the 18-week old foetus she’s carrying around now. 😉
I pray she’d be strong enough to face any obstacles and challenges at her new workplace.

Ok I’m gonna go sit and mope for a bit.


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we’re back !

I’m back ! Alhamdulillah.
Well, I’ve been back for two days already.
I’m still in one piece ! Or in two three pieces extra, since they fed us SIX times a day everyday.
The whole induction course was quite a relaxed one. We did not have to wake up at wee hours of the morning or go through torturous physical and mental exercises. In fact, we had zero exercise. Haha.
I would say the course was a test of how good we were at refraining ourselves from falling asleep during the non stop talks and lectures. I succeeded pretty well though there were times I had to shove my mouth with mint every 5 minutes and slap myself to keep me awake.
It reminded me a lot of how it was in class during degree. Hehe. Furthermore, I was sitting next to the same person who sat next to me for four years, Zana !

I learnt quite a bit from those four days, about ethics, financial management, circulars and budaya korporat. There was this one talk that I found really inspiring where the speaker reminded us on and on about our purpose in work and life.
He reminded us about how important it is to be sincere and do things for the sake of Allah. Then, InshaAllah, He will pull you through everything and anything.
It’s all in the niat, people. 🙂

It was such a blessing that I had hubby bubbly as my roomie. 😀
We heard that married couples were not encouraged to stay in the same room throughout the course, but during check-in at Felda Residence, Trolak, the receptionist was kind enough to let us have a room to ourselves. 🙂
The room was not too bad. We did not enjoy the food though.

I was super happy to get to meet old friends from high school, UiTM and my previous workplace. 😀



Made new pharmacists and dentists friends as well. 😀
There were no doctors this time around.

Mr Sunshine and I will be driving back to Batu Pahat this evening, we’re having our reception for his side this Sunday. 🙂
Jadi pengantin baru lagi. Hee. :p
Hoping to see you all there ! 🙂

Gotta go get ready for work now, bye !


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chocolate chip macadamia nuts.

Hi all.
How is the first day of the new year treating you ?

I had to work today. My day did not start really well, I had to handle the Methadone Clinic this morning and I was in a bit of a mess. First, I left the name list of the clients back at the pharmacy and had to walk back to get it, then I spilled some of the Methadone syrup on the table resulting in quite a bit of a shortage. 🙁

What’s life without a few bumps eh ?

After work, I had a New Year’s lunch with two of my colleagues at the KFC here
Then I was back home, worked out a little, took a nap.
And here I am, sipping my Peach Passion flavoured yogurt drink while watching MTV.

Nope, I was not out celebrating last night. I think I’ve gotten a bit too old for all that. Haha.
I got a bit emotional when I came to realize that I was all alone on New Year’s eve and it was the first time that I’m this far away from my family and friends. 🙁
But I heard that there were fireworks in town ! Next year, maybe ? 🙂

Mr Sunshine and I met each other for dinner last night and told ourselves that we’re gonna try not to meet each other until THE day. Actually, I told him that. :p
Baru rinduuuuu. Hehe.
Last night I found out that he has never eaten Famous Amos cookies ! How can like that ??!?
After a few seconds of staring at him and asking him repeatedly, “Are you serious, awak ??”, I bought him 100grams of Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookies.
Sedap !”  he said. 😀
I felt so proud. :p

Ok, I’ve got some laundry to do, bye !


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