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all in good time.

I just wasted a bucket worth of tears and two days feeling miserable.

I was walking back from work last Thursday when I decided to give the Ministry of Health’s HR department a call. The minute I found out that both Mr Sunshine and my transfer applications were KIV-ed and that the next meeting to reconsider our applications would be at the end of the year, it was as if someone just hit me on the head but I did not feel pain.
I was in a daze.
I sat on the chair in my living room staring into space for about half an hour.
Then the tears started to fall. :'(
So many thoughts were running through my head, about Daddy and how cruel I thought the decision was because I submitted Daddy’s IJN doctor’s letter along with my application, about work and how it’s slowly starting to suck, about my friends who I felt like I am gonna lose if I continue being miles away. 🙁


Honestly, I knew it was for the best. Because He always knows best.
But I just couldn’t stop crying.
I felt bad for making Mr Sunshine see me in such a disappointing state.
He had ran out of comfort words for me.
He took me out for dinner at McDonald’s that night, with intentions to cheer me up.

I had the new and delicious Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

We ordered the large McValue meal which came with the much missed Spicy McShaker Fries ! Oh so sedap !!

I swear I felt so much better that night. Joking around with Mr Sunshine, watched Grown Ups after we got back, which was pretty hilarious by the way. 😀

Thanks to Mr Sunshine and a few comforting words from my family and best friends, I was not crying anymore.
I am okay, we’re okay. This isn’t that bad.“, I thought to myself before I went to bed.

I thought wrong.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling as though I had a huge brick on my chest.
And the tears started to run (happily ?) down my cheeks.
I woke Mr Sunshine up and asked him all these ridiculous questions like, “I think it’s (insert name)’s fault that our application was not approved, do you think so ? Yes it was !!” and said even more ridiculous things like, “I am not gonna be near to IKEA meatballs !!”.
All that while crying like a baby.

I decided I needed to go out.
I forced Mr Sunshine to take me somewhere far, anywhere besides Terengganu, please !
Even better if we got to watch a movie !
And so he brought me to watch a movie.
At East Coast Mall, Kuantan !
Had a late lunch at Black Canyon Restaurant. This is our forth time there and we’ve never not enjoyed the food there.
Mr Sunshine ordered the American Fried Rice (I’m assuming it’s Nasi Goreng USA, no ?)

And I had the super spicy and yummy Fettuccine with Seafood and Spicy Paste.

It tastes better than it looks like. Hehe.

We watched Eat, Pray, Love that evening.
Although my eyes were stinging and tired from all the crying I had been doing, I enjoyed the movie very much !
I can’t say the same for Mr Sunshine, hehe, but I commend him for staying awake throughout the whole two and a half hours.
“Kalau girlfriend ajak tengok movie macam ini, mesti tak tengok punya,” he told me.
What he meant was he watched it with me because I’m his wife and not just a girlfriend of his.”
Yes, I found that sweet. 🙂
I have not read the book yet but I plan to do so soon. 🙂
The movie not only provided me with some of life’s lessons that I needed, but also made me crave for spaghetti ! Hehehe.
Mr Sunshine, either he was being the darling he is or he was just afraid I was gonna end up in tears again (I choose to believe the latter), brought me to the nearest place we could have spaghetti at, which was Pizza Hut !
That’s happy, tired and swollen-eyed me with my Spaghetti Bolognaise.

And to end the day, I treated myself to my favourite Baskin Robbins’ Pralines and Cream ice cream !

Mr Sunshine went to great lengths to make me feel better and I love him so much for that.

I apologize for being such a nuisance, sayang. 🙁

At the end of the day, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for.
At least Mr Sunshine and I are living together, and not living in different cities.
I have a job. I have to learn to accept it with all its trials and challenges. Who am I to say that if I move to another place, things will be better ?
Ikhlaskan hati, Melissa.
I have daily internet access, I have a telly with Astro.
I never go hungry.
And even though I won’t get my Nando’s or IKEA meatballs over here, there’s always McDonald’s. Hehe.

This might not be the right time for us to move anywhere. We’re not exactly in a stable financial situation to do so actually.
Staying here saves us from having to pay extra rent and fork out money for furniture.
I still can have extra snooze time in the morning before work if I want to, since the hospital’s only a 5-minute walk away.
Our rezeki is still here, in beautiful Terengganu. 🙂
I need to start looking at all the good things that this place has to offer.
Allah knows what’s best for us.

I won’t deny that I am still sad, but grateful at the same time.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

So yeah, I am okay now. We’re okay.
This isn’t that bad. 🙂


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of cramps.

I spent a day at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu today, attending the first day of a 2-day Infection Control Seminar.
Somehow I had trouble keeping myself awake throughout all the talks. I could only stay alert when I had a sweet in my mouth. But let’s face it, I can’t be popping sweets into my mouth every 5 minutes, right ?
I limited myself to two pieces per an hour of talk.
That helped my attention span to last for about 10 minutes for each talk.
Well, better than sleeping through the whole thing.

As it was nearing lunch time, my menstrual cramps which started this morning, were getting the best of me. I could not sit still. My legs and back were aching and my tummy was in so much pain I just felt like curling up into a ball and staying in that position until the pain went away.

The pain got even worse after lunch time, when we had to stand during the group practical session.
I was lucky I had friends working in that hospital, and they (Biey and Salwa) brought me some painkillers, and as there was about a few minutes left to the end of the seminar, I quietly excused myself from my group to go and lie down in the prayer room.
I had to lah. The pain was unbearable !

I fell asleep and woke up an hour later when Mr Sunshine called to tell me he’d be arriving to pick me up soon.

I feel very much better now, Alhamdulillah.

Gotta get to bed early tonight so I won’t be nodding off at the seminar tomorrow, again.
Goodnight everyone.


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not all change is good.

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over !

Mr Sunshine and I did what we do best over the weekend.
We stayed up late watching movies on his PC, which usually results in us waking up late the following morning but this weekend we managed to be awake pretty early.
Not only that, we shopped for groceries, paid almost all of our bills, drafted our budgets for this month and the next.

I cooked pucuk paku masak lemak cili api today, fried ikan kembung and made a wickedly hot sambal belacan (the ulcer-causing type). I know those dishes sound simple but they were delicious enough to make Mr Sunshine have THREE plates of rice. Hehe. 😉

The more I reminisce about the good times I had during Eid, and all the good times I would have had with more of my friends back home in Gombak if I had extra time, the more my heart yearns to be back there.

The thought about staying here for a while more might benefit both Mr Sunshine and I (financial-wise) has struck me a hundred times.
Although, that does not mean I am backing out on my plans to move out of here.

New circumstances that I have been forced to deal with have made me really, really, REALLY uncomfortable and dispirited with where I am at now.
I’m getting a bit too old for all this drama lah.
It’s a bit unbelievable that at 40, someone can still such be such a kid (read: annoying, blunt, unprofessional, inconsiderate).

So right now, more than ever, I wished I could teleport back to Gombak.

I don’t wanna jinx anything.

Have you heard the good news ?
Terengganu’s first TGV cineplex opens TODAY in Mesra Mall Kerteh !
Although it’s almost a 2-hour drive from here, but it’s nearer than having to go to Kuantan for my movie fix.
I can’t wait for Mr Sunshine to bring me there ! Yes sayang, you just have to ! Hehe.

I think I have a zit IN my nose. It hurts whenever I squeeze my nose.
I have this habit of frequently squeezing my nose (ok so actually, I am secretly afraid that my nose would grow bigger and bigger as I age so I squeeze it in hopes of halting the process, but everyone does that, right ? RIGHTTTT ???).

Ok bye.


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because i am a superwoman.

Yes I am.
(This is where you people go, “Yes, she is !”)
Thanks. 🙂

I took the afternoon off today with intentions of cleaning up the whole house.
Mr Sunshine had initially made a schedule (a pictorial one, to be exact !) for us to clear up the place in stages starting the day before yesterday’s night.

But home cleaning at night is just not my thing. Hehe.
As a matter of fact, doing any kind of labor at night is not my forte.
My nights are for being indolent, watching telly and cuddling up to my man. Hehe.

Back to the story of my cleaning plans, I was pretty free at work just now, so I made a long list of the things I should do and as soon as I got back home, I turned on the radio and started work.
Guess what, I actually managed to arrange, reorganize, wash, dust, sweep and mop the whole house in 3 hours !
Just in time to surprise Mr Sunshine. 🙂
I’m exhausted but nothing can beat the feeling of seeing a huge smile on Mr Sunshine’s face. 🙂

These past few days have been pretty free and easy at the workplace.
It’s probably because most people are busy preparing for Raya rather than falling sick. 🙂
When I say free and easy, I mean reaaally free and easy.
We even had time to make bubur lambuk.

All of us got to bring back two containers of the porridge. Best kan ?

When I had nothing else to do, I went around snapping photos of my friends.

Noor screening some ward prescriptions.

Matun checking on ward indents (orders).

I know I appear like the only person slacking at work, but I was actually done with screening all the earlier prescriptions. 🙂
Tak percaya ? Tomorrow I’ll ask Noor to snap a picture of me while I’m at it. Haha.

And here’s the three of us when we all had nothing to do. 😀

Have I told you I will be working on the first day of Raya ?
Well yes I am.
So we will be leaving for Batu Pahat after I’m done with work.

I finally got to service my car last Saturday, it was way overdue for a major service.
It took more than four hours to be done, but Mr Sunshine and I did not just sit around and wait. We did a lot of walking !
One guy from the service centre dropped us off at Pasar Payang, where we bought 4 kilos of fish keropok to bring back to our hometowns this coming Raya.
Then, we walked  to the Kuala Terengganu bus stand where I bought a couple of hijabs to go with my baju Raya.
We walked to a boutique where Mr Sunshine bought his baju Melayu.
We walked to the place in town where it’s supposedly KT’s shoe heaven to look for shoes but did not find anything that we liked.
Both of us managed to get a haircut.
We walked back to the bus stand to get the keropok we kept in the bag storage area. 
Lastly, we walked to the taxi stand to get a cab back to the service centre.
We arrived just a few seconds before my car was ready. 🙂
Oh yeah, thumbs up to Proton Edar Kuala Terengganu for their excellent service and hospitality ! 😉

We took my car to the car wash right after that.
By the time it was all pretty and clean, we had about half an hour left to berbuka time.
But we still squeezed in a few minutes to drop by Al-Ikhsan where Mr Sunshine got himself a pair of Adidas shoes. 🙂
That Saturday was a loooong and tiring one !
Our legs and feet were so sore the next day.

But all is good, I’m currently lazing around watching Chef Wan cook rendang on AFC while waiting for Mr Sunshine to get back from Tarawih.

Alhamdulillah. 🙂


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to doctor (insert name here).

You’re a doctor. You’re responsible for every prescription you write, every drug you prescribe and every patient under your care. But you choose to be ignorant, and when asked whether is there a reason why a particular drug was prescribed not according to standard guidelines (you do realize it’s my job to intervene to make sure a patient receives appropriate treatment, do you ?), you lash out angrily and tell people to fix the situation out themselves ! This is the third time you’ve ever done such a thing, and your rude attitude is nauseating. All the other doctors and even the specialists I have been dealing with all this while have been very well mannered. I wonder what use were all those years of studying and two years (yes, you’re just an MO, I believe you need a reality check) of working you went through.

P.S: This is referring to one particular medical officer, not the whole community, thanks.


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hello sweet tooth.

I need a distraction. 
I need to avoid thinking about what’s in store for me (and everyone else) at work next month, in other words, next Wednesday.

Mr Sunshine bought a pack of pineapple tarts a few days ago. It’s gone now, thanks to my insatiable sugar cravings.
You know how normally people look for rendang, ketupat, lemang etc during Aidilfitri ? 
I, on the other hand, actually look forward to all the yummy sweet Raya cookies ! 
So friends, you don’t have to work up a sweat in the kitchen if I tell you I am dropping by, just get your cookie jars ready for me. Hehe. 🙂
I received the cookies I ordered from one of the hospital staffs yesterday, and I’m gonna be needing loads of willpower to resist gobbling up all of ’em before Aidilfitri. 
But it seems sooooo impossible ! Help !

My tummy’s still burning from the extra spicy sambal tumis I had last night. 
But it was delicious, and I am happily gonna take all the credit for preparing it. Hehe.

Here’s to a good week ahead, everyone ! 🙂


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What a day.

I went to work feeling quite happy because I just found out last night that I am already confirmed. Sah dalam perkhidmatan. Alhamdulillah.
But then, just as I stepped into my office, I found out that my head of department is leaving ! :'(
She will be transferred to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu. Her place will be taken over by someone new. Not new new, she’s a U54 pharmacist.
But she’s definitely new to me. 🙁
All this will be happening effective September 1st. 🙁
My head of department is awesome, just in case you people did not know.
The best boss anyone could ever ask for. She’s kind, helpful, considerate, smart and just downright nice. 
You can talk to her about almost anything, work or non-work related.
She won’t get mad at you in public, any criticisms will be given out one-on-one. Everything done so professionally.
I have so much respect for her.

And only Allah knows how our new head of department will be like.
Hope and pray.
Hope and pray.

It’s pay day today. Alhamdulillah.
And we’re getting an extra RM500 this year. Alhamdulillah.
But I am still broke.

Oh sigh.


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btn for the forth time.

Good morning Tuesday !
How was your sahur ?
I reheated last night’s berbuka food, I am so fortunate that Mr Sunshine’s not fussy when it comes to food.

He’s currently watching Leverage on his computer while waiting for Subuh prayers.
We have a 1-day Biro Tatanegara (BTN) course happening in Seremban tomorrow, so we’re hoping he gets permission to leave work early as the journey would take almost 8 hours from here.
I, on the other hand, have been given the privilege of a ‘traveling day’ by my boss. Mr Sunshine is entitled to a traveling day too, but according to the authorities at his workplace, he’d have to choose either the day before OR the day after, so he’s going for the day after (the course finishes at 1700 hours tomorrow, so it’s a bit ridiculous to be driving 8 hours back here right after that and to be at work the next day).
My boss told me it was the day before AND the day after. Who am I to argue with that eh ? Haha.

While we’re still on the topic of BTN, I just have to tell you that mum in-law pulled some strings and got my baju kurung for the course sewn in one night !
We’re required to wear a white top/baju kurung top and black or dark coloured kain. At first I wanted to buy myself a new Canggih school uniform top (ah, the memories !) and go on a hunt for a black coloured kain, but mum in-law told me she had a friend who could sew it for me.
Of course I thought it was impossible because as with all tailors, they should be super busy with baju Raya tailoring at this time of the year.
But (super)mum in-law made a call, and before I knew it I was buying black and white material on Saturday afternoon and had my baju kurung ready on Sunday morning !
Awesome tak ? 😀
Now if only I had a pair black shoes…

I am wondering why my last month’s claim is not credited into my account yet. It has been almost 2 weeks now. Hmm.
Note to self: Call the accounts unit TODAY.

If all goes well, I should be able to fast tomorrow. I hope.

I’m gonna try to go back to bed after Mr Sunshine leaves for work.
Although I doubt I would be able to because I have this worry about my claim thingy in my head.
Anyway, here’s to a wonderful week for all of us ! ;D


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i have new speakers. yay.

I’m back !

Well I actually reached Kuala Terengganu at about 1600 hours yesterday.
After picking me up at the airport, Mr Sunshine and I had McDonald’s (again !), and then we dropped by the Terengganu Trade Centre for the PIKOM PC Fair where Mr Sunshine bought himself a new set of AVF headphones, and I bought a set of Sonic Gear speakers for my lappie. 🙂

The SERVQUAL workshop I attended at Port Dickson was fun ! I really learned a lot about SPSS and how to handle the Patient Satisfaction Survey which will be compulsory for all KKM hospitals, twice yearly.
We have been told to start as soon as we get back from the workshop, gather at least 450 patients in the next 5 months and run the data analysis with SPSS and present the results by December. And you guessed it, I will be responsible for the whole thing, because I attended the workshop.
I can’t believe I am saying this but I am so excited to start working on it !
I am going to let go of all the bitter memories SPSS gave me all these years. Haha.
Sorry, I could not contain the nerd in me. Hehe.

I guess I am fortunate that the hotel we stayed in was very comfortable.
Because earlier on, I was a bit apprehensive about going. Worrying about getting on a cab to Port Dickson from KLIA alone, worried about the hotel condition as Mr Sunshine just came back from an uncomfortable stay while attending a course in Kelantan, worried about not understanding a thing during the workshop and worried about being alone.
But it all turned out a-okay, Alhamdulillah.
I met a couple of my UiTM seniors there, and one of my close friends during my final year Biey (yay !) and my friend when I was in Hospital Putrajaya, Madeline.
I definitely was not alone. Hehe.
I spent most of my time with Biey, who is a new mother (yay !) even though she brought her husband, who is also my ex-classmate in UiTM, and baby boy along on the trip.

I managed to snap a few photos, not enough for you to see how beautiful the place is, but I’m uploading them anyway. :p

My room. Two single beds, I shared a room with my senior, Kak Hendra.

See those frame-like things on the wall ? Those are lamps. Pretty kan ? Please excuse the sight of my sweater and prayer mat on the bed.

This ceiling lamp is so cute !

View from outside the lobby.

The swimming pool. How cute are those seals ?

View from the restaurant patio.

I had the opportunity to put my babysitting skills to the test.
While Biey and her husband were carrying their stuff to their room, I watched over their 3-month old baby boy.

Hello Ahmad Muqri Danish !

It did not feel challenging to look after a baby who was sleeping so I woke him up. Haha.
Hello there, again !

But his response was so uncalled for.

But cute. Hehe.

Meet the mother of the baby, Biey who happily shared her scary beautiful experience of giving birth with me. 🙂

Danish and I, again. Before he fell asleep on my arm. 🙂

So there you go.
I had fun.
But nothing beats being back in the arms of Mr Sunshine. Hehe. ♥

Ok bye.


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missed targets.

It’s 1830 hours on a Thursday and Mr Sunshine is still not back from work yet.
His office hours were supposed to end at 1500 hours just now, bearing in mind that’s he’s working the WP 1 shift this month (0730 hours to 1630 hours).
He has been pretty busy organizing his department’s Family Day which is tomorrow.

I am bored.
And hungry
And slightly on the brink of getting a gastric attack.
Well of course I am hungry, I am fasting today.
The fact that Mr Sunshine will be bringing back food from McDonald’s for me to berbuka with tonight is my consolation.
McD’s always puts a huge smile on my face.

My colleagues and I went through quite a busy one week.
Since it’s the first week of July, there are loads of half-yearly returns to complete and submit.
I think we did a good job juggling that and our usual workload.
I still think we need another fully registered pharmacist in place of Ina who left in April.
At least before that, Ina and I would take turns to skip going to the wards we’re in charge of and help cover for those who are not around. Staff deployment, you get the picture ?
But now it’s either I go or do not go and since no one can cover for what I do, I lose out on achieving my target every month.
Last month, I only paid four visits to my ward, which also means less cases clerked and less patients counseled etc etc. 🙁

Ok I’ll stop rambling before I confuse you.


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